Jacksonville, Florida
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My wife did her grocery shopping at the 13227 City Square Dr. Walmart in Jacksonville, FL and spent $212.00 then returned home.

Later that day we discovered only to find we were missing the last 3 items on the receipt. In our opinion the quality of most of the cashiers at this store are substandard individuals. They are unfriendly, rude and have now caused our family and friends to stop shopping at this Walmart.

The shopping experience at this Walmart location is very frightening.

We do not feel safe inside your store or in the parking lot any longer.

It's too bad for this neighborhood to loose what was a great place to shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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First of all there are strict laws against having a relationship with a six year old child such as your wife. Your wife is obviously six years old if she is not going to take any responsibility for the items she left behind.

Perhaps send your wife with a babysitter next time so that they can take care of her and make sure she took everything she bought. I understand making mistakes, but blaming them for the mistake is something you should teach your six year old wife to stop.

Obviously your wife is six years old if she cannot write her own review when it was supposedly her who was "wronged." As started anyone can make mistakes, the mistake was both your wife and the employees, only your wife is only six years old(or acts that age) and cannot admit her mistake. Like I said there are laws against having relationships with a six year old and you are married to one, then again perhaps you are six yourself since you don't blame your wife for her part of the problem.


Anybody can make a mistake, after all we are all only human, even the WalMart employees. When you discovered the alledged three items missing, did it ever occur to you to call and talk to a manager and see what could be done about it.

I'm sure they would have had you bring in your receipt so they could tell what you hadn't received and would have corrected the situation. You say you discovered you were missing the items later on in the day, how long did you wait to put the groceries away? I hope you are aware that the security cameras show what the employees are doing, as well as the customers and if there was anything wrong with the way the employees were acting and if they were being rude, etc. What makes the store and parking lot unsafe?

Myself, I think you are upset because the cashier forgot to put three items in a bag, and decided to add a whole lot of nothing in your complaint.

It is also part of the customers responsibility to watch as their items are being bagged and that way you will notice if everything gets in the bags. The neighborhood isn't losing the store, you and your wife and your alleged family and friends are refusing to shop in a good store.