Rome, Georgia
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It is Jan. 26th and its mid 30's outside.

I go today to buy a robe and slippers at the local walmart. You have decided it would be good to put out the swimsuits and cover ups! No slippers, no robes. Not even in mens section.

It is January!

What walmart doesn't seem to understand is that women especially don't shop for their winter clothes until after Christmas. We have to buy things for the kids then. Our extra money is free in Jan.

I seen very little in the coats. No scarves, hat, sweaters. Swimsuits and cover ups, tank tops galore. I go to Walmart 3-4 times a week as i have a big family and spend at least 300-400 a week there.

i will now be spending my money at Target. It says alot to me when the store doesn't even care that parents might be looking for warm clothes in winter.

they are more worried about selling ONE swimsuit. Just so you know, most women are not swimsuit ready in Jan.

Reason of review: January and have swimsuits. No warm clothes.

Walmart Cons: Products for sale, Lack of stock.

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Ha ha... Funny comment.

Poor planning on your behalf... not walmart fault that you don't know how to shop online


You should have bought the winter clothes earlier. Plus, I highly doubt they are completely out of winter clothes.


I agree with the rest. Yes, it is January.

But then it's also Febuary, March, April, and so on. Don't know why somebody would prepare for the winter this late anyways. I say that and I am a woman too so yeah. Why anybody would get mad at this is beyond me.

I like what you are teaching your kids... Not.


This isn't something new. Most retailers are a season ahead because they sell for what is upcoming, not past.

And as a woman, I can say that I never wait until January to buy winter clothes for myself and my family. I plan ahead, knowing that is going to be cold in the winter. (It is every year). Stores cannot be buying coats and slippers to sell at the end of January, because they would be stuck with them at that point, because the cold weather is drawing to an end.

Just because you wait until the last minute does not mean everyone does. Obviously, if they did, then the store would not be sold out.


Some people do go on vacations to warm locales in winter. The world does not revolve around Rome, Georgia.

Plus, after Christmas, retailers start looking towards the upcoming spring and summer season.

You have a large family because you spread your legs too much. That is not Walmart's fault.


No, She has a Big family because God said be fruitful and become many. Maybe you have none. It's GREAT that there are Good mother's out there putting their kid's 1st.


If women did not buy winter clothing until after Christmas the winter clothes would not be sold out. Duh.


she needs to show that ice cold camel toe


A lot of women swim all year, and then there are the people buying new summer type clothing to take on cruises or even for flying to a warm place on vacation. A lot of the warm weather clothes more than likely was purchased as Christmas Gifts and after Christmas with the gift cards that they received.