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First of all I was not parking my car, I was merely waiting for my son to get a birthday card for a friend's birthday. I did not want to go inside because I had just finished a ten hour shift. I parked on the side of the building in front of your store.

The greeter came outside and told me that there was an emergancy that I could not park in the side of the store. I told them I was just waiting for my son to buy one thing and I would only be here for five minutes. The greeter lied to me and told me that they had to dial 911 because they think someone had a heart attack. Now I had no idea if this is true but right after the greeter told me this there was a fire truck. First of all if this was a heart attack situation why were the firefighters and police involved.

I admit that I am not one of the best customers, I have made several complaints to this store because it is run poorly. I think that there was no emergancy, and that the greeter only called 911 to spite me. Why because she is probably earning minimum wage while I earn 90k a year. To top it off the police gave me a ticket of $200 because of this greeter's false 911 call. I did not get a chance to see if the emergancy was for real or not because I had to park my car and tell my son that the *** greeter would not let me stay in front of the store while he went shopping for five minutes.

Anyways when I told my son what happened he told me that someone was hurt and that they had to dial 911. I told my son that they were lying to him and the greeter was just out to get me because I made a complaint against her. He told me that there was an actualy emergency because they made a page and a lot of employees with red first aid pouches were rushing over to the place where the "emergancy" was. I then slapped my son because he was lying. I guess they told him to lie to his own mother. I also told him that he was banned from going to his friends party because of his lie. He keeps insisting that they did not tell him to lie, but I don't believe it.

I wish I had time to see if this was the trusth or not but I did not want my son spending more time in the store. I wanted to go elsewhere, but since my son was acting like a spoiled brat. I told him he could not go to the party. I did not raise my son to be a liar, my ex husband(his deadbeat father) must have.

I had to go to court to pay the $200 fine. I think that I should get a gift card of $200 and another $100 for all the trouble that this situation has cost me. If the case was a heart attack there was no need to get the police informed. I think this greeter just wanted me to get in trouble because I got her in trouble. She should be fired for acting so childish. I don't believe that this was an emergancy at all because the ambulance was the second vechicle to come. I think she made a false 911 call and should be charged with wasting all their time with this 911 call to spite me. If this was a heart attack situation the police did not need to be involved. Not only did she falsely call 911, but she also lied and told me that she never told the police to give me a ticket. The police came up to me and gave me a ticket and told me that I had to park in the parking lot. I told him I think this was a false call. I think this police officer is a friend of the greeter because he later told me that he only gave me a ticket because I was arguing with him. He was a power hungry police officer that only gave me a ticket because I did not get my way. Well I am a registred nurse. I make more money than him, so the $200 was not an issue. The issue was the way I was treated and the way my son was possibly told to lie to me to cover the greeters bad bahavior. I tried telling the police that I refuse to pay the fine but they told me that if I did not I could lose my license and or spend time in jail. So basically I was bullied into paying a fine by wal-mart and the police. I work 10 hours a day, and need my car for transportation.

Again because I was too busy arguing with the power hungry police officer and parking far from the store. (The parking lot was full with cheap jews and Blacks looking for the cheaper items you sell) I did not have a chance to see if this was a true emergancy or if this was just a greeter's plot to get me in trouble with the law. She herself should be in legal trouble for making a false 911 call because judging her childness behavior from before(asking for a receipt just because I did not want my items bagged. Again at this time she made a lie about it being store policy to check bags. I think she is lying and called 911 to get me in legal trouble because she is jealous and revenge filled. She needs to grow up and stop acting childish. One more thing stop hiring these childish incompetient idiots.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Parking.

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this *** is better than TV!!!! hahahahahahahahahah


"childish incompetient idiots"

Incompetent not incompetient

Hopefully your son will soon get a loving stepmother


You sent a ten year old in walmart, by himself!!!! Not only have I read many of your crazy complaints.

I have also realized someone needs to find out who you really are and get you help.

The caring, patient, no jealous, free meal coupon, double cheeseburger type of help you need. See I actully read your tantrums


Why is it 3 out of 4 stories on this website involve a "nurse" or somebody making "90k a year" and writing it in their stories?!?!?!? Is this coincidence....I think not!

These stories are bunk....don't fall for them and for gods sake don't add comments cause the stories aren't real. Either that or the only people that recieve *** service in the world are nurses or people making "90k a year"......give me a break!

Boycott this *** website!!!!!


Either a total psycho or a truckload of bull *** !!!!!


Ive read a few of your compalnts. Why do you spend so much time *** about walmart.

You are very condescending to the lower class. You act like everyone is jealous of you.

Well, ms. complaint 265, I pity you.


I didn't read the entire post as it sounded completely ***. But, I'll put in my 2 cents anyway.

First of all, the fire engines ALWAYS show up because Paramedic teams are attached to Fire Stations. If you didn't know this, I suggest you inform yourself before you like like a fool again.

Secon, the local law enforcement is in charge. If they tell you to move your *** car, move it.

Third, you punished your kid because YOU assumed he was lying. I doubt you would have believed him if he actually SAW the victim. You are a bad parent and don't deserve children. I hope CPS takes them away.

Overall, I would say your displeasure for Wal-Mart is solely based on your social elitism, racist upbringing, and general stupidity.


Assuming you do have a decent job, I could also assume you know how to read. Did you miss the sign that reads "No Parking or Standing Violators will be ticketed?" Don't blame the store for you being ***. Quit acting like you're better than everyone, clearly you aren't, you still shop at Walmart


So u are saying u didn't know for sure if there was an emergency, and u wish you KNEW....BUT U SLAPPED YOUR KID AND CALLED HIM A LIAR? I work in the health field every day....And i'm glad you don't work at the hospital I'm at.

You sound just like a LOT of the nurses I work with. U think coz u make more, that gives u the right to assume the world revolves around you. YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY. Could you just have said, sure...and moved, and saved the drama.

Your poor son. I wish I could counsel with him for just one hour, to help him cope. Just one hour. You however, would take awhile...

Doesn't matter what kind of trucks or cars came...YOU WEREN'T IN THERE, and he was.



If your so rich, how come you were at Wal-Mart, and if your so rich, how come you want compensation for your expenses for not parking correctly?

I think YOUR the cheap jew or ***!


This has GOT to be a hoax. Lady, you need to be in counseling and also need to be charged with child abuse!!! Why would you even think that your son is lying when you see all the 911 vehicles? Why would a Walmart employee lie to you about such a thing? I don't think they took training in order to come up with some conspiracies, which is what this all boils down to, in your opinion! Why were you even parked in front of the store where you're not supposed to park anyway? It doesn't matter if it's for 1 minute or 5 minutes, DO NOT PARK IN A NO PARKING ZONE!!!! This goes for the handicapped spots, too!!! What part of NO PARKING don't you get? Does it say 'Except for YOU, Complaint265' anywhere on the sign at all?

You blame everyone but yourself. Do you not see that what you did (or didn't do) was wrong? You are 100% wrong! I hope that your son goes to live with his father. You are an abuser and a lying, whining crybaby who doesn't deserve any pity at all over what you did! You're inconsiderate and rude.

I have never been treated rudely by a Walmart employee! They are always very polite and courteous. I can't imagine what your patients have to deal with having you as a nurse, if in fact you are one at all!!

You should have had to pay way more than only $200.00. You got off easy.


This lady is one of the biggest psychos I have ever seen on the web. That poor kid has to grow up with a crazy women . My god lady what is wrong with you?


Oh, and by the way, we do have to check for receipts if none of your items are bagged. Management tells us to do so.

You're just being selfish if you yell at people for doing their job.

If you don't steal then you shouldn't have a problem at all with showing your receipt. You yell, you cry, resort to violence, and you think someone is lying for no reason at all and you're not being childish?


Well, you shouldn't have parked there in the first place, ***. You should have parked in a regular parking space so that this would not happen. The reason why you had to pay $200 is probably because you were parked in a no parking lane.

I am a walmart* associate and there is a no parking sign in front of the store. There's probably one there also. Read the signs.

A customer is having a heart attack and the police/ambulance shouldn't be there? Maybe you shouldn't have parked there. Maybe you shouldn't teach your kid to resort to violence.

You need to understand that the employees to any store (period) are just as human as you or I.


Normally trained first aiders are not required to help, but professionals, likes doctors, nurses ect have to help if in trouble because they go through special training. If found out they refused to help they can be charged, lose their prastice.

But normally trained people like you and I are not required to help. But you are probably like 9 so are not obligaed to help.


Actually I think some of you are wrong here, you don't have to give first aid if you know it if you don't want to. You can because you are trained for it but we learned for our Cubs First Aid badge that you don't have to preform CPR just because you are trained.

But the nurse is wrong because they also told us that when you call 911 that everyone comes to make sure the area is safe for the parametics so that they are not in danger as well.

The police have to come incase their was a shooting case, and the firefighter have to come incase the person was unconscious by a fire or poison gas. If the parametics come and it is dangerous they can't be helpful.


DUH?, "I am a registered nurse and why would the cops and the ambulance be there?" Now this can't be for real?

Now what does this tell you about this ***?

Hey dumb a.. I do believe they are supposed to be there first.

Did you not learn that in your so called nursing class?

I agree with (give me a break), in my profession I have taken CPR if there was a emergency situtation you are supposed to ask if you can help and that you know CPR. If they know you know it, then you can be in a lot of trouble for not helping. And if this Walmart knows the *** is a nurse, then they can report it "especially to the hospital were they are employeed".

I sure hope this dumb *** doesn't deal with patients for real?

And to slap a child you really do need to be reported if you are for real.

Did any of your mom and dads kids live after birth :? :grin


shop somewhere else then right? if you make that money, you have options...

poor kid--- I can't believe she would do that.


I think by law if you know cpr and someone is having a heart attack and "you supposably are a nurse"????? you are supposed to say "I know cpr" can I help?

GIVE ME A BREAK ??? YOU ARE NO MORE A NURSE THEN I AM..... And if you slapped your son I agree with ????????????? your child abuse charges will be *** of a lot more then that *** ticket.

How can your son not be a liar when you your self are one. By the way you are the dead beat not the pretend husband you keep insisting you have.

How ironic it is that every time you go to that store you are always badgered ... FUNNY


The 90K troll strikes again! I hope people realize that everything written under this name is a fake post!

Keep it coming Complaint 265! I love reading the silly responses you get!!