Before the 13 to 15 dollar raise for dept managers i became a deli dept man from being a customer service manager. I think they did not pay me like they were supposed to.

Ex: $8.55 csm .40 raise to level 7 dept man.$8.95 an hr.

Level 6 dept man started out $10.30 an hour. I was deli dept man 4 yrs got 2 .40c raises bringing me up to $9.75 after 2 yrs of service. Just before the $13 to $15 raises the store manager comes in a week or two before and raises me to $10.30 an hour. Then a few weeks later i got the $13 an hour but i was just wondering if they might of made a mistake in my pay when they promoted me to level 7 deli manager.

How can a level 6 dm only there a year make more than a level 7 fresh area associate dm that has been there 3 to 4 years ????

Just wondering if maybe i should of been making $10.30 an hour at least also. Thanks for your help please

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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