10/13/08 got called in for an interview for the maintenance position, Wal Mart. Went to interview, got there 30 min. prior, was taken in to interview on time.

The interviewer had my application in hand, which you have to type out on there computor in store, and i think they ask for way to much personal information.

The first question ask was if the wage i had down was negotiable, I said no that was as low as i could go. interviewer said we need not go any further,they could have ask me that on the phone, and what they offered me, I was making that 15 years ago.They raise there prices on goods but do not want to pay there help.

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You would think having to clean all that nasty stuff in that store, you would get payed billions.

Janitors/maintenance go through so much *** everyday (no pun intended.) They aren't very appreciated.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41874

Then get another job where you get paid more. Or go back to your old job.

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