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Here me out: My wife triple neg breast cancer survivor works at Walmart. The store in question is not a 24 hr store tho the site says it is.

At closing my wife asked a customer to head to the cashier store is closing. Customer became irate threatening to slap her. Night manager (male) was no where to be found but was aware of the problem. Customer's son (gang member) proceeded to threaten my wife bodily harm.

Still no manager in sight, my wife responds "it is not ok for you to threaten me while I am at work, if you want to continue I am off work in 1/2 hour". All present cashiers heard and witnessed all that took place. As days went by the customer came into store requesting my wife (always on day off). The customer's husband went as far as to call and request information about my wife (operator and wife good buds).

A month goes by and my wife is called into the office by the same night manager who did nothing to stop or intervene the problem that night and proceeded to coach her (disciplinary action). They, in the end made her step down from CSM claiming (night manager) he only heard my wife and not the customer threatening (this incident took place for over 20 minutes) but when questioned he slipped up and admitted he heard more than he claimed. Apparently this irate customer complained to corp. so loudly they had to do something and the night manager lied to save his butt.

So theres a glimps into what happens when YOU the customer start complaining about nothing but just because you did not get your way. You destroy lives due to your self entitled ways. My wife depends on the insurance for her cancer she fought so hard to over come. She went to work BALD ppl a display of strength and courage that I doubt most of you could muster, I know I could not.

Take a day or so to think about what exactly your going to complain about and why.

By days end I'm sure you'll have either forgotten about it or realized it's not worth all the trouble. You never know who's life your affecting just because you acted in haste and out of anger.

Reason of review: poor management .

Walmart Pros: To never shop at walmart again.

Walmart Cons: How they treat their associates.

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Hello, I want to start by saying thank you to all of you for your support to my wife and I. All of your comments gave my wife strength to fight Walmart and I am happy to say she WON!!


She had a face to face meeting with the bigwigs and they reinstated her position as CSS and removed her lvl 3 coaching and are investigating the case further specifically the night manager and store manager.

Right action took place as it should so I guess I can claim this situation resolved.

TY again for your warm thots and prayers it seems they were answered. :)


Stuff like this is exactly why I don't shop at Walmart. I would rather pay a little more money at another store than support one that treats its employees this way. They don't see that if they didn't have good staff, no one would want to come in.

Prayers for you.


That's messed up. Customers can be so mean sometimes.

Sometimes you get the salaried member of management who is terrible.

It's this customer is always right *** that allows people to behave like that.


Sorry for the double post. I also wanted to say that a threat like that ...

they should have called the police.

Just awful. I am so sorry.


Ray: I am so very sorry this happened to your wife, and, of course, the customer, should have been banned from the store. Very, very wrong.

But, Walmart's response was awful. They treat their employees very poorly. They should have stood by her in this. I did not know that Walmart offers insurance.

Had heard that they encourage their employees to apply for Medicaid as they pay such low wages. I am glad she is covered and I will pray that she gets through the cancer. You are right .. very few people would have the courage and strength to work whilst so ill and under such egregiously horrible conditions.

I will prayer for her. Hope you are seeing this response as I had no idea how to respond to you directly.

The takeaway here is to remember that we do not know what goes on in the life of other people and we need to be kinder to all. Thank you for your post.


GG, I thank you for your kind words. I passed your message to my wife and she cried.

You words meant so much to her thank you, she had been bottling up her feelings trying to stay strong through all of this and I could tell it was taking it's toll on her.

I am glad your words helped flush out those emotions.

Now she can move on :)


GG, the low wages and poor insurance is a misconception made by UNION's because Walmart wont go union. The insurance for full time employees is top notch.

Walmart has Kaiser and they paid for EVERYTHING regarding my wifes cancer and I mean EVERYTHING. She was driven everyday from Ventura to LA for radiation at no cost and was even able to have temp living close to radiation facility at no cost but we chose not to. My wife has been at walmart for 9 years. She does not make a killing but she makes enough for us to stay above water.

I was able to get a 380.00 pair of glasses for 75.00 out of pocket only because I require transitional lenses. Walmart insurance is VERY good. In some ways it does make up for seemingly low wages. Union's and bad customers are the main cause of walmart bad publicity.

Dont get me wrong what they did to my wife is wrong and incidentally she has an appointment with ethics board this Monday regarding this incident as it was reported as a hostile work environment case. Keep in mind this took place on May 5th 2015.


I will say it again and again until this gets heard by the right people. Walmart should put up the dough and hire security guards.

They hire lost prevention to protect their products. Is that more important then human lives? I guess they think so. Please post this.

Maybe someone with authority and the guts will see it. PS.

My wife works at Walmart and she has to carry pepper spray. Nuff said.