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Magnolia, Ar. Walmart store.

I went there this morning for a regular oil change and tire check. When I was checked in for the service I told the attendant exactly what i wanted, knowing that unless i do, the mechanics will forget or overlooked. I asked for a regular oil change, to make sure they put the oil plug in (as they failed to do it once before) I asked for my oil life indicator to be reset, i asked my passenger rear tire to be checked as I had a slow leak. I also told the attendant that I had rode hazard insurance.

I asked for approximate service time and was told that there is no one in front of me. I went on shopping. 45 minutes I returned to pay for the service and check out groceries I purchased. I saw the car still in the service station.

The manager was tending to customers making a key and clearly was spaced out. I asked how long on my car. He said all they have left is courtesy (I guess vacuuming). I said great, I'll wait.

He also commented that he was spreading himself too thin and disappeared into the sunset. Fifteen minutes later I have watched my car being wheeled out of the service area. I though, great - almost done. To my surprise the car was wheeled back in another service dock.

Another 15 minutes rolled by. The Manager with the dazed look comes back to tell me that the tire with sloe leak had already 2 patches in it and the can not put a third one in due to walmart policy. He will sell me brand new one though. First, none of the tires were patched.

I bought them brand new in WM store, bought the road hazard ins and had no flats so far. I guess there's some elves in my yard patching my tire at night while i am sleeping. I told the manager that it was not possible, but he kept repeating the phrase"it's against the wm policy..." As my groceries were getting hotter, the line longer, i told him to put the old one back on. 10 more minutes rolled by, my car still suspended, the manager comes back in only to tend to other customers.

Note, that there was no one else inside to make keys, check out batteries and all that. So, at the beginning i kinda felt sympathetic, but it only lasted a minute. I asked the manager again, will the road hazard cover the new tire. He said it depends on the tire thread and he does not have that.

Hmmm...would it be not on the ticket, isn't the tire thread depth measured as part of oil change? He said, ahhh....yes, let me see...yes, here it is. I said, ok then, so how much according to the reading? He said he was not sure, it is difficult to estimate, prob 20 dollars.

I said, OK. Put one on. He said he did not know if there was one in stock. I asked who would know.

He said he would look. He disappeared into the sunset again. 10 minutes later he came back, saying that the computer says they have a few of those, but he was not sure. Again, I asked who would know if not him.

When I asked about the price again, he said he will not know until he puts the on and enters it into the computer. I also forgot to mention that he tried to give away my keys to other people twice and their keys to me. At that point I had enough. I told the manager to please put the old tire on that i will take my business elsewhere.

I payed for the oil service and informed him that i am checking my stuff in the front and will come around the store to collect the vehicle. "well, it's still in the service area". I said the time while i am paying for the who;e cart of groceries, walking around the store to automotive pushing the cart, should be more than enough to park it outside. When finally reaching my car with the full cart I tried to open the door - locked.

Front doors locked, rear doors open. Keys are not in. I climbed to the front, opened the trunk - unloaded the groceries. Did not want to fight further, came in, asked for my keys - and was given the wrong set again!!!

Finally go my keys. Got in the car and........the change oil indicator came on!! Something i asked to reset. I parked again, got the manual out and reset it myself.

I tried to be understanding, as working with public is not easy...but what about some standards? Are there any in Walmart in Magnolia, AR?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Unless you enjoy a miserable experience, stay away from Walmart tire center.


Simple ! Don't go back. u obviously do have time to waste or u wouldn't have had time to write all this


Then Walmart should shut down all tire and lube departments instead of making the public think that they can actually do the work that consumers pay them to do.


Walmart automotive center is a complete JOKE.


I dont believe u. You would have to be a complete *** to leave a plug out.


I took my truck in for an full oil and lube job and they never even bothered to tell me that my battery needed to be replaced and because of that my alternator went out. I know that it is in the policy for them to tell you anything that needs to be repaired or replaced in your vehicle but they didn't bother to do this so I Lewis Jones will never use Wal-Mart oil and lube again.


"When I was checked in for the service I told the attendant exactly what i wanted, knowing that unless i do, the mechanics will forget or overlooked. I asked for a regular oil change, to make sure they put the oil plug in (as they failed to do it once before) "

------So why do you keep coming into Walmart? Maybe we should charge you for listening to you whine

@walmart employee

I have an idea. How about if you are employed at Walmart do your job that you are paid to do instead of stealing your check every week and maybe just maybe you would not hear anyone "whine".

@walmart employee

your a complete ***!


I took my car to get my oil changed. Fast forward 5000 miles and my car limped to the dealership.

I had to buy a new one. The smart guys at WallyWorld managed to not put enough oil in my car. It was more logical to buy another car.

My purchase last Friday will be my last from that place...not just tire and lube. I'll go with one of the local guys for my car and Food Lion for my TP...


do u realize that u are going to walmart to get ur car repaired? employees are told to take 4 15 min breaks for every 4 hour shift with no lunch.

if they dont take those breaks theyre fired. its also called tire and lube express they are not allowed to check ur tires unless u bought the tires from them, or theyre putting tires on ur car. they arent mechanics stop pretending they are. there is no certification or degree required for that position.

i used to be in that position i kno dunce.

and nobody cares what kind of insurance u have. save ur money and actually go to a mechanic shop or an actual jiffy lube


Seems 50/50 whether a particular walmart store will be decent or horrible and not give what you pay for or ask them to do. Still, should try them at your store for the convenience of just dropping car while shopping, and if happen to be worse than trained monkeys(like where I currently live) never change oil there again.

John N

ALL stores, especially WalMart, are reducing both employees and hours. Stores like Meijer now do not have as many cashiers scheduled as they attempt to force you into using their self-checkouts.

Thus, the *** in the Walmart service center attempting to do everything by himself. I am rather surprised that anyone would even think of taking a vehicle they actually cared about to Walmart for any kind of service, but as you did, I cannot understand why you put up with such crazy and *** behaviour for so long. Live and learn. I change my own oil and filter and thus both save money and know it is done correctly.

And, I get the chance to check underneath for any problems, like torn boots, etc. You must know the calibre of people Walmart employs, don't you??


Owasso, OK store no better. You have to ask for every specific detail even though it's "included." Once they wouldn't even check my car battery (which is standard).

I saw the check sheet they use and instead of being check off as "ok" or "checked" there was a manually written comment - "Unable to locate battery to check." ARE YOU SERIOUS?! ALL the new little chevys along with many other vehicles have the battery in the trunk! Even I know that! Shouldn't they know stuff like this if they are going to work on cars?

In another instant of Walmart stupidity, my sister checked in her SUV for an oil change. She was told it would be about 45 minutes. She did all her grocery shopping, came back an hour later, and they had not even started on her vehicle. Why?

BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO POP THE HOOD!!! I am NOT joking. She was so pissed she almost had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the store. Then she had to insist they put her grocery cart in one of the coolers so her $300 worth of groceries wouldn't spoil.

She walked right outside to the service area, popped the hood herself, then was told there were other people in line and she would have to go back to the end. I about died hearing this....




it's mighty hard to crack a rim using a tire machine,


Yeah it is, I've installed tires myself at my buddies shop. Never under estimate the power of *** or untrained people.

I know a guy that SOMEHOW closed the hood on a car he was working on while a lot of tools were still under the hood. This made it impossible to open the hood the next day because of the pressure of the tools crammed under the hood. Se he decides to drive it to MY house for help. You wouldn't believe the damage it caused when random wenches and screwdrivers went falling into the drive belts and flying into radiators and oil coolers on that 3 mile drive.

The car ended up being a total loss due to all the broken parts.

So can a guy break a rim by not know how to use a tire machine? I'm gonna go with yes, it could happen :)



lots of complaints at that waterville walmart tire shop. lots and lots


I went to get my oil changed at wal mart in my 2011 chevy malibu and was told that their policy was to only put synthetic oil in all cars 2010 or newer wth it's my car and your not going to tell me I have to have synthetic oil I left .....