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Last Friday, August 14, 2013, I went in to Walmart on Ambassador Caffery, Lafayette, LA 70506 to do some shopping. I walked to the jewelry department and found a pair of earrings i wanted to buy.

There were two people behind the counter. One was waiting on another customer. The other lady just looked at me. I was there several minutes and no one waited on me.

I decided to continue my shopping and returned later. Again there were two persons behind the counter. I was ready to buy two pair of earrings. Both ladies saw me but never waited on me.

I stood there several minutes until I got angry and just walked out.

This is not good for your reputation.

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Did you request help or did you stand there waiting for the woman to read your mind??? People often go to the jewelry counter just to look at the jewelry in the cases, Ive been known to do it myself.

If you need help...ask for it. Simple solution!