Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I went for an interview in the west haven CT. store, when I arrived I asked the customer service person in the front where personnel is located..The customer service lady was a person with visible tatoos all over her arms and she appeared to be illiterate, however, when I got to the back to be interviewed by the manager before me stand an apparently racist young man with piercing on his face..When I provided information about my felony for possesion of controlled substance 20 years ago I believe that my chances of being hired were lessoned even more..I obtained several certificates and worked in a promising field for numerous years until funds were cut by the state,however, if I do not get a call back I know what happened..I was interviewed by a person with piercings on his face who had the authority to choose the best man.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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First of all I spoke to one person that I thought was illiterate, and I can tell when someone is a racist, like you for instance.I never did drugs.Mr. angry I worked in the school system with kids, I worked with a population that required patience and understanding for 10 years , so please seek some drug counseling and anger management as soon as possible. Your judgement is out of wack also..@angry


So, you immediately assumed people were racists, illiterate, or ***, simply because of how they looked. Then, IF they deny you, (your words state you are not sure,)then you will be mad because they denied you a job with good reason, that you had a history of substance abuse, (and, judging by your reactions to their appearance, you may have acted on that in some way during the interview, which will definitely hurt your chances ever more. Working at WALMART may require a certain level of 'People Skills' of which you certainly have none, judging by your reactions to tattoo's and piercings.)