Jacksonville, AR 72076, USA
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Cashed WC insurance ck every two weeks. They messed up and didnt send a couple and when i finially got 1 wally would not cash it.

Same person, same comoany. Nothing but bulkship as excuse that they couldnt give an excuse. Should not be suprised i guess, like with everything else wally touches. Guess they figured i probably would not spend mist of it there.

Folks will someday get tired of the 'Big Money Push Around" and make educated votes instead of listening to a billionaire sit there *** on them and telling them its raining. Why would a billionaire want such a cut in pay job unless there was something that he really needed done to benifit himself.

Really people is there really mass ignorance. Bye

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What are you talking about? Can't understand you and your spelling????


Your rant is a perfect example of mass ignorance.