Nacogdoches, Texas

Was mad he was called over to check us out never spoke a word to us threw the closed sign down the belt to elderly lady that was behind us. You shouldn't hire people with this kind of attitude toward the public.

He never once spoke a word to us the portable scanner didn't work so my husband handed him the case of water he snatched it. If he was mad that he had to be a cashier he needs to take it up with his manager and not the public, or find a job he doesn't have to serve the public.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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He snatched your water? Really?

With how heavy those are I kinda doubt it. If he hadn't called you overtthenyou would probably be complaining about how long you had to wait in line.

Some people just can't be pleased. It sounds to me like you go into stores looking for issues and nit-pick until you find them.


Are you even old enough to be married? Judging from your grammar I doubt this.

Judging from your attitude I second that you are not old enough to be married. If his shift is over he has every right to close his register, also his job is to check you out not make conversation, if you are desperate for someone to talk to you change your attitude.

How is it his fault the portable scanner did not work? Maybe you and your husband don't need to be out in public.