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I got fired from Walmart about 3 weeks ago for something I know I didn't do. My father is an assistant manager at another Walmart so as his daughter, hired as a cashier, I wanted to be a food employee and be a leader. I was really fortunate to have this job as my manager knew my father so it was great. I was just really confused on how I was terminated and even now, I'm still a little upset by it. I was terminated vecause of a cash shortage of $100. This was the first time I had gotten a warning but they went ahead and terminated me anyway. Knowing what my father told me, I had 4 warnings before termination. I am upset because I know I didn't have a cash shortage, I always made sure to count my money correctly for my CSMS, and made sure to hand customers the correct change. If I happened to do what they said I supposedly did, I would have liked to be shown evidence instead of just being accused of fraud. I'm 18 so I was trying to be responsible. It also upsets my Dad because he actually had to be called but he is disappointed as to why it went straight to terminaton. Plus, my own manager didn't even fire me, another manager did. This job was great, I was only a month away from getting my $10 an hour... and it got taken from me. If I had used all my warnings, they never sent me in to talk about it or to warn me. In my opinion, I feel like they fired me for nothing. My Dad has worked for Walmart for almost 20 years as assistant manager and he has never seen anything like this happen..

I think something was up, like they just wanted me fired. This story is 100% true.

Walmart Pros: Great store, Pricing.

Walmart Cons: Walmart did not abide its own terms and worst customer support, Attitude of customer service.

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One, how long did you work there? Were you in your probationary period?

Had they done any audits on the register? How many people were on that till before or after you?

It is unusual for you to get fired for such a shortage without a track record or a write up unless you were in your 90 day probation.

You can call your market manager and explain the issue, and request an investigation. You can also call HR at (479) 273-4000.


I worked there from April of this year to August 6th of this year. I was not on probation that I know of and usually my CSMS did an audit every morning, afternoon, and evening. Usually they would check when I got there and I worked at usually 5 pm so I know there were cashiers that used my register before me, yeah sometimes I had to open a register that hadn't been used that morning or afternoon, but I am postitive I never had a cash sortage..


Honey losing $100 is a big deal to them. They care more about money than employees.

My sister too was fired for a one time theft.

She has two children to feed and they did not give her second thoughts before firing her. Not only that, but they publically humiliated her by making her walk the long way around the store in handcuffs so all her coworkers could see.


Really?! That's horrible!

I'm sorry that happened to her.. but yeah um upset I lost my job.


Thank you, all the other arseholes on here are saying it was her fault because she is the one that stole. But she has two children to feed and they could have given her a second chance.

Nope, fired first time. Meanwhile her co worker comes in late like once a week or so and he still works there.


Being late is not the same as losing $100 from your register.


Yeah but that doesn't mean you should accuse someone. Proof is always helpful.