Springdale, Arkansas
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The city and state is Springdale, Arkansas BTW

Original review posted by user May 01, 2012

First off, I usually use my debit card at Walmart, but the old one has just expired, and I got my new one yesterday. I forgot to activate it before I went to Walmart today, so I decided to just write a check there. The computer prompted to see my driver's license, which I know isn't the cashier's fault, which is why I will be calling my bank later today over that. It is just the way this checkout girl, Tamara, asked for it.

First off, she was a VERY rude girl to start with. She never even greeted me, and her asking to see my driver's license was the first time she even talked to me. She did it in a very rude and condescending voice too, acting like she was some cop or something. I also wrote the check for $50 over and she shut the door without giving me my change. I had to stand there for almost 5 minutes waiting for a CSM to come up and open it for her. I didn't even bother any further with her. I just went up to the CSMs afterwards and reported her.

I have her name. She was very rude to the people in front of me also. She should not be working with the public AT ALL.

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i bought the true value condoms and some how got mrslea preggo. her husband at home office is going to kill me.. dam cheap walmart brand


exactly, this site doesn't always work right. besides, you have to talk to MrsLea like she's a little kid and repeat things over and over again for her to finally understand something.


"Only queers double post"

It is not their fault it is a sit glitch. Besides with this person you need to tell her something twice, maybe more times and it still does not click.


yea been there they do suck


Only queers double post


Uhh, why can't you just quit going to that store?


Uhh, why can't you just quit going to that store?


I read your latest complaint. Apparently you were taught a lesson by another company when they hung up on you.

You were taught that kindness works better than throwing a temper tantrum.

I am real proud of you for improving your behavior. Your good behavior is what got you good service.


Jedi have you read my latest thread about my good experience at Walmart yesterday that I was complimenting on??


Jedi Knight ethan for president!!!!

Vote now! He is full of great ideas.

Sponsered by Mrs Lea01


Lucy, she has stated several times that her husband works at home office and because of that she does not have to be nice to the employees. If she does not get her way she threatens to have her husband fire them. Though I think she is trolling and really is blackdontcrack.


Did you say hello to her ??? Do you know how many people in the course of a day she has to speak to?

And you can't write a check for $50.00 over at Walmart. Why don't you try to be a little nicer to the cashier, maybe they'll be nicer to you. I certainly wouldn't want to wait on an *** like you. Next time grow a brain and activate your debit card.

Do you know that you can activate your debit card at the register by using your pin. ***


"Yes you can, I do it sometimes."

Just because you do it sometimes does not make it okay. They probably only accept it because you threaten to have your husband fire them if they don't.


Yes you can, I do it sometimes.


"Just so you know, you cant write a check for $50 over at walmart anyway. limit is $20"

Yeah but she thinks she is special and that they should bend the rules for her just because her husband works in home office.


Just so you know, you cant write a check for $50 over at walmart anyway. limit is $20


well Jedi, she'll always be a liar.


Mrslea001 now known as TheOneAndOnly just wrote another review about how the manager won't allow her sister to make a personal phone call. You can duplicate names on her for messages but when you actually write a review you cannot duplicate usernames so if she is denying that review she is lying.


MrsLea01 now know as TheOneAndOnlyCrazyBitch, just wants attention because they won't give her enough attention at the stores. she wants them to do everything for her, including feed her when she goes out to eat, change her clothes in the clothing room, wipe her in the bathroom and wipe her tears when she cries after the bad news about her Walmart can't accept ads from months ago or coupons from McDonalds.

and stop lying about your husband. he's trying his hardest to post on here and you're just putting him down more by saying it's not him.

we know you probably hurt him every time you see him post on this site. we also don't need your husband to post about you crazy you are because you already tell us how crazy you are, whether it's a "location" in AR or any other place.


Here you complain that the cashier did not talk to you at all(and who would want to you are a nutter) Then on another complaint you complain the cashier talked to you too much????

With a nutter like you it is damned if you do damned if you don't. How do your husband and neighbours put up with you everyday without putting a gun to their head.