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Resolved: Problem with coste me an extra $30


Update by user Apr 13, 2015

got $50 compensation.. called the corporate office because no one bothered to contact me with regards to the situation

Update by user Apr 10, 2015

4/10/2015 its now been a week.. still no responses from Walmart.. and Ive emailed them 2times

Original review posted by user Apr 07, 2015

I bought a gift MONTHs ago from for a friend.. I went on friday to to buy a potty chair for my son... 40 bucks... I typed in my info.. made sure that my billing and shipping address were the same.. .. and PAID FOR IT... they took the money.. and SHIPPED IT TO FREAKING OHIO to the address that I provided for a gift ages ago that wasnt even on this order.. and had been removed from my account.. I contacted the company that they gave the order to... a 3rd party... this place was as bad as walmart... rude.. gave me the runaround.... I was told 12 hours for order to hit the system.. call tomorrow... so I did.. was told it takes 48 hours to hit the system... each time I called I was told something else... then Monday... I was told that the order still wasnt in the system.. but I had gotten an email that it had been shipped... I was lied to... I called at least a dozen different representatives and was on the phone for 4 hours... I then got kicked over to UPS to change that.. but as it was still in the warehouse of the company and not picked up by ups there was nothing they could do so I had to call back the people Walmart sent my order to... I was told that I had to Pay $15 for a fee to change the address with UPS.. I know that wasnt true cause as it hadnt been shipped yet they just have to void the lable and print a new one.. husband is very familiar with how that works as hes worked with UPS shipping systems for years.. they wouldnt do that for me... then today I FINALLY got someone to help me.. and UPS charged me $30 to change the address and reroute the package.. so To FIX WALMARTS MISTAKE I had to pay another $30 .. thats a very expensive potty chair... Walmart should be responsible for that $30 .. it was an expense caused by their mistake.. I will never shop with them again
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I finally called the corporate office... got $50 compensation... very nice!!!


That's awesome. I am glad you finally got something.


I still can't see my reply. I guess it's because I posted a link from Amazon.

But yeah, I found a potty chair like that, with a ladder sold by Mommy's Helper and it's for like $29.00. But with that listing there's an offer for $23.90. I am sorry if you get this 3 times. I hope I helped you, hon'.

I can't blame you for being done. There shouldn't be this problem.

With a lot of people it's simple mistake but you spent $70.00 and you're probably wondering if you'll ever even get the seat.


yeah the mommys helper one was white and blue.. the one I got was in fun colors...

and yeah I am wondering lol.. I got a notifications from UPS that it has been re routed to my city.. Im gonna go with Amazon like you said from now on.. cause this is nuts..

only reason I went with the one that was slightly more expensive was those colors.. just hoping that when and if I get it.. it lasts me a long time LOL.. I looked down at my son and said real sweetly...

i hope you like this cause I just spent 70 bucks for you to learn to use the potty LOL..

I was met with a giggle.. so at least there is that :)


You are better off shopping at local stores or at places like Amazon. I've never had a problem with Amazon.

Does UPS work on the weekends? I was wondering because I never get a shipment in on the weekends. So maybe they mean 48 hrs during the business days? As in 2 business days.

But they should have said 2 business days, not 2 days. It is a possibility that you are better off just getting a refund at your local store and not through the website.


they have started delivering certain things on saturdays and sundays... the reason that I ordered online was that this potty chair..

the chushy seat with a ladder attached.. they dont sell in stores here.. but I can get it online.. and this was the cheapest deal...

their system sent it to someone that isnt even in my account .. I wasnt on the billing address or shipping address.. I searched everywhere in town.. so I resorted to

never again... but If I go to the store they wont take it because I didnt buy it there.. I tried with other things..l Ive had so much trouble with walmart.. Im just done..

Im still waiting for them to contact me.. its been a week now


I can't blame you for being done. Shouldn't have this problem with the addresses anyways.

I found a potty chair kind of like what you described on Amazon sold by Mommy's Helper with an offer for $23.90.

Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but it has a ladder with a cushy seat that goes onto the toilet.π=AC_SY200_QL40&dpPl=1&dpID=41lLLbRbbkL&ref=plSrch


And again I can't blame you for being done.

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