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My daughter, who worked at Walmart years ago, has a serious eating disorder and is on disability. At that time, she was bravely trying to work, becoming more weak and thin. Long story short, she tried to take a basket of groceries out the door. A year or two later, she went in another nearby Walmart where she then lived and tried to take food again. Both times, my daughter was starved and was waiting for insurance companies and travel to go to eating disorder facilities (there are none in my state and there were very few counselors who can help). Long story short, she has gone to counseling for years. She and her therapist wrote letters to Walmart and Hastings, where she had stolen. Hastings understood my daughter has a problem and decided to give her another chance. Walmart, on the other hand, has coldly told her no, they will not lift the no trespass order. Since then, my daughter has slipped into depression and her condition is very serious.

I wrote Walmart and tried to tell them about eating disorders and that my daughter is a very good person with a very bad illness. I am very disappointed that Walmart would react that way. Can't they see that she wasn't even in her right mind when she did those things? What part of sick do they not understand? She has done her part and worked hard, even when there are no ED facilities here. Her therapist believed she was ready to deal with shopping again. Even criminals do their time and then are out of jail to live freely again. Walmart has labeled my daughter a bad person and has done irreparable harm to her recovery. If she dies, I hope their management can live with it.

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you are an enabler still is a crime she don't need to be aloud back every thing she stills takes more money out of my pocket cause the prices go higher. so thank you for tacking food out of my five kids mouths


Well I don't wish death on the daughter. I however do agree that the mother is blaming the wrong party. If anything maybe the daughter is feeling this way because of her mother.


Grow a pair *** I hope your daugher dies for her actions. Stop blaming Walmart.


Wow!! I agree that her daughter was in the wrong, and Wal-Mart is not to blame or out of bounds, because ultimately THEY were the victims, but saying you hope she dies is over the top.

She made a mistake or two, it doesn't mean she deserves to die. You *** ***.

I guess you have never made a mistake? Shut the *** up, ***.


I don't exactly see how Walmart is killing your daughter.. even though I wish for your daughter to recover, it's not their fault they she stole.

unfortunately for her, stealing from a store applies to everyone. I'm sorry.


The fact that you're looking to guilt trip someone else for crimes your daughter has committed shows some insight on why your daughter is the way she is. Good job, Mom.


Your daughter stole food, it's not like she is going to eat it being aneroxic and all.


It boggles my mind that someone even wrote this.

How about if a drug addict came into YOUR home and stole from YOU??? Would you not be upset? Isn't drug addicition a disease also?

Really lady, you wonder why your daughter has no concept of right and wrong?

Instead of being on the internet complaining about people who abide by the law, you might want to self reflect at the years of choices that were made in your own home that lead to the heartbreaking situation your daughter is in... and maybe make changes in your life. Walmart is not here to fix your problems - it's YOUR life and if you want change, YOU make the changes.

Meanwhile - I'll keep paying my taxes that support your daughter.


The simple fact here is that your daughter stole (food) and it was a loss to Walmart, just like any other theft.

I must admit, if you steal food or medicine that you need, it should be taken under consideration, given the economy and other mitigating factors. It is possible, unlikely, but still possible, that a judge would have sided with you and your daughter. Walmart, however, will not and simply does not care as this is a loss from their profits. In the US, all that matters is the profit.

Why, if I may ask, did you or someone else, like a church, not assist her? I have a real problem with the way the US sees assistance for those in need and what they actually do. To me, this is more of a problem with them than it is with Walmart, who is just a capitalist business trying to bleed everyone for every penny they can, while keeping China in work, not the US. Cheaper prices through slavery, you know?

I'm actually surprised she was caught. I have seen many more people steal junk and get by with it. Even if they do get caught, it is hard to charge them and get a conviction. About the only thing that stores can do is ban a customer. I guess they feel that they need to make examples of the few they do catch to send a strong message to all criminals, even if the criminals don't really care.

Sadly, most people don't understand basic psychology enough to understand that some needs are stronger than a person's will to resist, and they want to find excuses in place of accepting that, under duress, we can all do things that we KNOW are not legal or acceptable.

Tell her not to let this bother her. People are banned from stores for all sorts of reasons, not always criminal. Some just do it to hurt a person they don't like. Trust me, Walmart has a lot of other problems going on, internally, to really care about someone who has different problems or ills. :(


You can only blame yourself for your bad parenting. For not teaching her it is wrong to steal. Maybe the reason your little delinquent is stealing is because whenever she does something wrong instead of correcting her mommy makes excuses for her behavior.


Seriously?I can think of dozens of reasons to complain about walmart as a customerAND an employee.But two of the top complaints are about leaving a toddler in the car then being shocked someone called the cops and two time thief being banned.I'm truly sorry for your daughter's illness but if walmart allowed everyone back in the stores that ever stole something for every reason imaginable...drug use is huge...a loaf of bread would cost 10 bucks to cover all the losses.And while the "mom" blames walmart ,you actually have no real proof it was the store and not anyone of the dozens of customers who passed the car & were appalled to see a small child alone.That said you DID abandon your child *** and was *** lucky no one stole your child,your car,got arrested or had child welfare take em.


Your daughter is a THIEF. It is DESPICABLE that you are using an ILLNESS an excuse.

There are thousands of people with similar illnesses WHO DO NOT STEAL. SHAME ON YOU!


what kind of society is this where everyone wants to blame everyone else for their problems? i'm sorry your daughter has an illness, but that does not excuse her behavior. everyone in this world has to deal with something, but that doesn't give people the right to break the law.


your daughters a thief and you blame Walmart?


I'm sorry for your daughter's illness and I wish her the best in her recovery. However, I don't think you can blame Walmart for asking her not to come in their stores anymore after she stole from them twice.

This is just like any other defense with a mental illness. If you commit a crime and use an illness as a defense, it still has to go to trial and be proven.

Sounds like Walmart did her a service in not pressing charges! She could have been in jail!