Apollo, Pennsylvania

I went to my local Walmart to get much needed diapers for my young son. I had discovered a Kmart ad that had big boxes of Huggies

diapers for $5.99. I thought what a deal, because they are usually more than $15. I decided to go to Walmart and price match it. When

I got to the store, I had picked up 6 boxes and proceeded to the registers. When I got to register 16, the cashier named Marci wasn't

sure I see could do the comp without an ad. I proceeded to tell her that she wasn't suppost to see the ad. Marci still wouldn't buge.

I even showed her the ad on my I-Phone. That is when CSM Lacie showed up. I showed Lacie the ad and she said she would be right back.

Marci then followed Lacie over to the service desk. After what seemed like forever, both women and service desk worker Crystal came

over to the register. Lacie proceeds to tell me that they will not honor the ad, because she claims that Crystal had called Kmart and

that the ad was a misprint. There was no $5.99 sale on Huggies. I said they honor all prices that are lower than theirs. Lacie claimes

that Walmart policy states that they don't comp misprints. Marci then asks me if I wanted the diapers or not. I didn't say anything

other than you need to change your policy then and walk out the door. I am totally disgusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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Shoulda went to Kmart then


Quit spreading your legs if you cannot afford to diaper, feed and cloth the child. If the ad was a Kmart mistake they don't have to honor it, how about before having children getting a job so you can afford to take care of that child. This would mean learning how to say no and not spreading your legs though.


I guess people are just too stup1d to follow store policies anymore. it was a misprint, get over it.

they don't need to change their policy. and OF COURSE they have to see the ad. do you think you can just go in there and claim that Best Buy has a 50 inch TV for $100? ***.

and MsLea, *** you're a dumb *** that needs to get over herself.

the customer isn't above anyone. they are the reason why stores stay in business BUT that doesn't mean that they can get their way if something that they're doing isn't allowed.


thank you very much. you hit the nail on the head


Mrslea is someone who likes to make up lies to get what she wants, she bullies people at the Springdale Walmart by claiming her husband work at home office and threatens to have them fired if they don't break the rules for her. She even demanded that they give her a doll which a five year old had first threatening to have her husband fire everyone and close the store down if they don't give in to her.


Sorry, honey. Customer ain't the top boss. Especially when the customer is a dumb***.

People who have the "customer is always right" mentality make me effin sick to my stomach, because those are the people who walk into a store and think the whole *** world should stop. Those of us who work or have ever worked in retail know better. There's not a single person in retail who thinks "the customer is always right" because we know that indeed the customer is, quite frequently, flat out NOT right. Obviously good customer service should always be strived for, but that doesn't included kissing a customer's *** or acting like they're just so special because they're in your store buying something. You're going to get paid regardless of whether they buy anything or not.

You reap what you sow. Odds are if you're being treated like a *** it's because you're acting like a *** What I always find funny is the ones that say "I'll never buy from X store ever again" are the ones that employees from X store never want to see again.

The OP is a tard. Flat out.

@@ MrsLea

While I agree that many customers are complete unreasonable ***...I disagree with the entire "customer is NOT always right" approach because the customers are the reason those of us who have ever worked in retail or hospitality we got paid. So yes, there are a few customers out there I would like nothing more than to strangle to death, but I usually attempt to satisfy the customer simply because my job depends on it.

Without customers, *** or not, I have no business, which means nobody is buying my *** and that means I don't get paid and I eventually go out of business.

If you grasp this concept then you might do well to observe that the customer is always right unless it becomes a situation where the customer is completely unruly and cannot be reasoned with on any level...that's when you call a manager to help you deal with the situation and if it gets more out of hand, then security/police is contacted to escort the customer out of the store...like I said, some customers are *** but unless they cross that boundary between customer and

security risk we need to try to appease them whenever reasonable at all times. Then go home and vent...


Above the home office is the top boss: the customer. They are why you are in business and they can fire everyone in the business from the chairmen on down by shopping elsewhere. Remember that.

Jedi K

Actually I never worked in retail. If you use the site complaintsboard.com you will see that she claimed that them not honouring the AD made her harm her child. To blame a store for forcing you to hurt your child is why I am attacking this "mother".


Jedi has probably actually worked in retail and knows how people like this work. Regardless if he has or not, all his comments are spot on.

It's not Walmart's responsbility to honor an obviously incorrect price in a competitor's ad.

If people want to b**** about it, then go to KMart and have at it. Otherwise, S T F U. The number of people with Entitled Customer Sydnrome never ceases to amaze me.

I deal with it everyday in my job. I can only imagine how much worse it is at Walmart.

@Regarding Jedi

There we go with the childish answer, ASSuming someone works in retail when they have a valid point. Seriously this person is in the wrong, she spreads her legs cannot afford to bathe, feed, diaper her baby, so she expects them to honor a misprint. If this was really Kmarts fault she should he hassling them.


Anon, if Kmart is the problem this person should go to Kmart and make them honour the ad instead of throwing a temper tantrum. They don't have to honour the ad and if you read the link about with her review on complaintsboard.com you will see what kind of a person she is. On complaintsboard.com she admitted that because of this she smacked her two year old for having a dirty diaper and blamed the company for swearing in front of her son.


This person did not make a valid complaint. She is expecting them to honour an ad where a competitor made a mistake.

If it is the competitor who made the mistake than she should go to them and make them honor the ad. Then in her review on complaintsboard.com she claimed their attitude made her smack her son. Honestly do you think that blaming a store for smacking her son and cussing in front of her son is a valid complaint.

Do you think expecting a store to price match the competitor ad when the competitor made a mistake is a valid complaint. I would get her address to tell it to her face but most likely she lives in her car.


I bet you wouldnt say half the stuff that you say on the computer in real life in front of people. You always have a *** smart answer for almost everyting.

The lady made a value complaint. Those are very rare on this site.

Then you have to put her down. Why don't you get her address and tell her that in her face.

@To Jedi Knight Ethan

Looks like the WIC Op has a lot of stuff to say and is creating several accounts just to pretend other people agree with her. I doubt many would side with someone taking advantage of a competitor ad.

anon, another company should not lose money on the ad that was misprinted in ad match.

The company that messed up should honor it.


This isn't about not being able to take care of a child.. she was talking about coupons and ads..

its not her fault it was misprinted.. hundreds of people are probably walking through doors of Walmart and target as well as Kmart's with that ad! Doesn't expire until July 30.

Everyone is on a budget and an ad like that will make anyone smile!

Fyi, Kmart still hasn't taken down their online ad of that particular ad so I don't see why those of u talking *** is talking *** when in reality Kmart caused the whole situation! In my view its false advertisement and store price matching should clearly note on their store front that they don't honor that specific ad!


" I also agree about people having more kids than they can handle or afford."

I don't know about USA, but in Canada they have baby bonus where the government gives mothers(especially single parents) money for each child, so if you have a similar program in US you can see why people like the OP are quick to spread their legs.


The WalMart I shop at has some employees that ask to see the ad and some don't. I also think it depends on if a person is a real frequent shopper at a store, and if the employees are familiar with you.

This is the case with my developmentally disabled daughter and myself. Most of the employees call my daughter by name.

If this woman could have afforded to buy six boxes at $5.something, she could have afforded two boxes at the regular price, being her kid desparately needed diapers. I also agree about people having more kids than they can handle or afford.


Hey Jedi Knight Ethan why don't you get a LIFE instead of insulting the lady by telling her to keep her legs crossed. You are a *** and a bully with nothing better to do then insult people on this website.


@Leigh Bennett

Being a bully is better than living off a freeloader and scammer. Isn't it? How many accounts are you going to make to defend yourself.