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Showing your receipt is VOLUNTARY, which means when asked, you are well within your rights to say, "No, thank you," and keep walking. If you are detained by security for refusing, ask if you are being accused of shoplifting, which they have to have a REASONABLE suspicion of.

There are six specific rules for detaining someone suspected of shoplifting

(Shoplifting, Probable Cause, security consultant, Chris McGoey, shoplifting security expert), so ask if you have violated any or all of these rules. If not, you CANNOT be prevented from leaving the store; however, if you are, this could be considered detaining you against your will, which means you would have grounds to file a complaint with the police, and the store could be held liable for false imprisonment.

But just stopping you is not false imprisonment. By law false imprisonment has four parts that have to be proved against the accused. 1.

Did the accused plan to stop, detain, or completely hinder the accuser's egress. 2. Did the accused stop, detain or hinder the accuser's full egress. 3.

Did the accuser have no other forms or ways of egress they could take either by site or known to the accuser that the accused kept the accuser from using to egress or exit. 4. Did the accuser attempt to egress or exit from the accused,either by ways of sight or other ways of egress known to the accuser. And was completely stopped from using all forms off egress or exit by the accused.

With no way of egress or exit from the accused by locks, blocking complete egress or exit or physical force upon the


Put simply false imprisonment isnt just being told to stop and stay here. To be falsely imprisoned you must have made an attempt to leave physically from any or all exits within your sight and exits known to you. And been either physically held, blocked or locked away from any and all exits within site or known to you.

Also store greeters/ Nazi receipt checkers or civilian everyday people, they do not take an oath to up hold the constitution. Like police and other governmental law enforcement agencies.

So the 4th admendmental rights against reasonable search and seizures doesn't apply to them as it does to police and other gov. Law enforcement.

And some states have so called store privilege or retail privilege laws that allow reasonable anti theft tactics and searches under the states set statutes set forth in those laws.

So just know your rights and laws as a consumer in the state or states in which you shop. Dont always believe everything you read on the internet or told by others. And dont be a drone, stand up for your rights.

It's your duty as a citizen of the United States to do so. Just keep walking, dont relent to this type of tyranny. Because it may seem like a small thing, but it's just one more small step toward having no rights at all.

And if the powers to be can get our rights, believe me they'll take them. They WANT them, PERIOD.

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Just show it, who cares.


Policy is not law. Once you purchase your items they are yours.You have property rights under the bill of rights......The more you know.


It's their business, if you don't like it then ........ Don't shop there. Boy that was easy.


Wal-Mart should open up some stores where all dogs are allowed. Then, customers who wanted to bring their dogs with them could all go to one store where all of the employees would be dog lovers and be happy shipping with their cute little doggies.

These Wal-Marts could have special shopping carts with "child seats" made especially for these fur babies to ride in. And there would even be special employees who would be there to immediately clean up any accidents that they dogs might have, so that the owners wouldn't have to get their hands dirty.


No they don't. They can setup what ever policies they want in almost every state, I only say that as there may be a random state with an odd law.

You have no 5th amendment protection in a private business. They reserve the RIGHT to inspect all packages it is in their policies.