Rochester, New York
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I have been a victim of check card fraud. Two of your stores allowed a thief without a secure, authorized credit card from my credit union run stolen numbers with knowing security code or zip code of card walk away in excess of $150.00 of goods taken from my checking account so the funds weren't there for me to buy necessities of life.

He or she also ran up hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise in Memphis area Target and Walmart stores.This all happened in a few short hours while I was working as a R.N. in an emergency room in upstate N.Y.S. Didn't you people look at the card or require a security code or insist on a form

Of I.D. for out of state purchases in excessive amounts in a short period of time?

I find your lack of security appalling -- unless of course, it was an inside job with one of your employees.

Denise C. Eggert

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I think it's an inside job. Happen to me too!