Monticello, Minnesota

i recieved a walmart prepaid visa card for christmas. went online to try to activate the card and was prompted to input my FULL social security number, since when does a retailer need my social security number?

i tried to continue without entering a number and was prompted to enter my full social to prevent funding of terrorism and terrorist activities. i tried to get around this by filling the form full of 1's because i firmly believe its none of walmarts d@mn business what my social security number is. didnt work. i called the provided number and was asked why i didnt provide my number.

i told them in this age of identity theft i didnt trust their site to keep it safe or private and that it wasnt any of their business in the first place.

i was then told i would be mailed a check for the balance of the card and banned for life from activating another card with walmart because of the potential that i could be using it to fund terrorism. for the record i am a 3 time veteran, pretty sure they dont need to worry about me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prepaid Card.

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Your beef is with Congress. It's the same deal as if you were opening a bank account. It's not a "gift" card, it's a prepaid debit account.


go die in *** for telling him he uses being a veteran as a crutch...go to war punk...serve your country then you even have any idea what our veterans go through what a you wouldnt have the balls to tell a veteran that to their face.


It appears that someone did not correctly read this post and comprehend this was received as a Christmas present. I believe you handled this situation in the most reasonable manner.

Why should anyone be compelled to release their social security number to stranger in order to activate a gift card?

Good luck with getting your balance. I am almost laughing as I write this, but I should think you will probably survive a life long ban on further gift cards :)


Just out of curiosity, how can a walmart gift card help fund terrorism?


Good. I think Wal-Mart handled this situation perfectly.

Don't want to give up your SS#? Too bad. Get used to paying by money order then.

You are a veteran?

Good grief, stop using it as a crutch. You aren't going to get any sympathy here just because you're too much of a tool to get a prepaid Visa card.