You have changed your opening to the store to one opening with no regards to the handicap people. The parking lot is a joke, no extra parking was made towards the one opening for the handicap.

Instead you have made it where they have to walk when it is hard in the first place to do that extra long distance. You should of made more area in front of that one opening that you make everyone go to ,for more handicap parking. The best thing that you should have done was to make the other opening just for handicap only. But I get it you dont think about that because your not handicapped.

So you probably wont read this or if you do wont do anything just like the parking.

What do you think if this happened to you or your loved one himmmmmmmm!!!!!! Makes me wonder why?

User's recommendation: Complain more about the lack of handicap parking at walmart.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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