Apollo, Pennsylvania

Hi, A couple days ago I went into walmart with a pedock. (A pedock is a slip of paper used as money for buy what ever is listed given by social worker.) Anyway, the pedock was listed for $200.00 of groceries. After getting all the things I needed I took $200.00 worth of groceries to the register.

Before I continue, when you have pedock, the cashier is suppose to suspend your order and walk with you to the customer service desk with the pedock and receipt. This is to make sure you don't walk out with the unpaid items.

After this cashier had finished putting my groceries through all I said was "now I need you to suspend it." She did and handed me the reciept.She didn't walk with me to the customer service desk, she didn't even ask why I needed it suspended. I COULD HAVE taken that reciept and my unused pedock and walked out of the store put the groceries in my car and took them home free and came back the next day and used the same $200.00 pedock to get another load of groceries.

Of course I didn't do that. That would be stealing and it's wrong. So anyway, I proceeded to the customer service desk by myself and told the woman at the counter what just transpired. She took it seriously and called the manager over who was standing at an empty closed till. He listened to my story and made a sound like "hm" and walked back to his empty closed till and started flicking his pen in between his fingers.

I was shocked that he didn't go and explain to this cashier what she should have done. It would have taken two minutes to explain. Next time they may not be so lucky as to get a trust worthy customer. I know I shouldn't worry about it and what ever their loss but I almost regret not walking out with that free load of groceries. Would have hopefully taught them a thing or two about how important it is to train your employees before putting the on the floor.

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It's entirely possible the manager spoke with the cashier about the incident once she was no longer on the register, attending to other customers. They are supposed to avoid 'dressing down' an employee in front of customers whenever possible as it can often make the customer feel anxious or nervous, so instead they're supposed to pull the cashier into the office later to talk about the problem and whatnot.

Hopefully, that's what happened here so the cashier won't make the same mistake a second time.


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