Nothing worth buying now. I only shop there for the organic baby wipes, about once a month and now they are dropping the product.

It seems to me they love to cater to the problems of America. Consumerism and obesity! They have a tiny produce section, but a huge freezer section of nothing healthy. The help lately has been extremly rude and unintelligent.

I was 7 months pregnant and a woman working in the fitting room told me that I was too large for my pregnancy and should go on a diet! (And I was acutally under weight for my pregnancy!) No one should tell a pregnant woman anything like that unless they are a doctor!! She was very rude! If she hadn't been an older lady I might have lost my temper, especially since I just saw her tell other customers things that were not her business!

Now I won't buy anything there. I will drive a half hour to find better quality organic products and more intelligent employees!! Not worth my time or my money to step into the door again!

Goodbye Walmart! Glad to get you out of my life!

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