Carrollton, Ohio

The last four times I have been to your store the shelves had big holes in them. there were several things I went to get and they were out.

If you are not going to stock your shelves then close the store. I have shopped there for several years,but this last year I have chose to shop at other retailer. They may be a little bit higher,but they have what I go after. Your food dept.

is lacking supervisor is lacking.

If you can't stock your shelves,then you to close your store. I don't need a store that keep up.L.W.D.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Oh I agree fully! It's so unfair that other people buy the things I want to buy!

The shelves should always be stocked!

How dare they let other people buy things! I know they have an unlimited stock in the back just to mock me!


Why, yes, we should tell Walmart not to sell anything that other customers want, because god forbid you go in and something's sold out! Is it such a foreign concept to you to consider that maybe there's "big holes" in the shelves because people -buy- the things there?


I have been to every WalMart from Bella Vista to Fayetteville looking for Flavored Splenda. You use to carry it along with many other items until you Started your remodeling.

Now you no longer carry Splenda Vanilla flavor for coffee. Why not get rid of your creamers also. Not everyone who drinks coffee likes cream.

Some of us do like flavored sugar. Though this will not keep me from shopping at WalMart.


You are free to shop anywhere you want. Wal-Mart is free to run their stores how they want.

Who the *** are you to tell them different?

Do they tell you where to shop? Would it be alright if they filed a complaint on you that said, "If you can't shop at our stores then don't shop at all"?

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