It just didn't seem right. I bought some Lactaid milk which was supposed to be good until June 1st, and it went bad the first week of May.

I didn't keep the receipt for the milk, and I guess that's my message. If you buy Lactaid milk from Walmart, you had better keep the receipt, because it's kind of expensive and if it goes bad for some unknown reason they will not work with you on that. They made me take it out of the store. I had maybe two glasses out of the gallon.

What a Ripoff?

I mean I wonder how many people that happened to at about $7 bucks a pop. They just said no, see ya later, and take your milk....(which is still supposed to be good for 3 more weeks).

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I was probably left out too long between shipping and selling, there is a minimal time it's allowed to stay unrefrigerated. You should contact the local board of health. If it's happening to milk it's probably happening to other products.

to BR Haymarket, Virginia, United States #814420

Thank you I think I will, I forgot to put it in the fridge and this was overnight when the temperature was colder, so it should not get bad if I forgot to put it in the fridge overnight, I mean it was not sunny or anything. My mother is telling me that could be the case, but come on it is li 60 degrees only and just 8 hours. The carton must have left on the shelf for days then put back.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #814425

Then complain to the health board, they are not allowed to leave it outside the fridge for more than one day.

to First Born Triplet South Brunswick Township, New Jersey, United States #815445

You guys do realize that if she left it overnight the milk was exposed to room temperature and that is why it got bad right? 8 hours overnight and let's say one or two of those eight hours in the sunshine would make the milk go bad.

Her mother is correct, the reason the milk went bad was because it was over night in room temperature, the temperature outside may be .60 but the room temperature is 70-75. Or around 2 Celsius as you are more familiar with in Canada.

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