New Braunfels, Texas
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10/19/2015 Purchased Asus laptop.

11/20/2015 Returned Laptop (unsuccessful).

Contacting you after physically going to ST#02239 and spoke with customer service. I patiently awaited to speak to assistant manager Able. Able says let me see and I will get back to you. Comes back 15 min later and says I need to speak to someone in electronics. I walk to electronics Mathis says he can not do anything and I must talk to customer service. Then another 15 min later I spoke with the co-store manger (Hispanic male 6') he said I can help you, but I cant. Then he went to speak to another manager and no one helped me and just kept telling me it was passed the 15 days. I contact 1-800-Walmart and I was informed that my laptop can be returned at the "store managers discretion." I called store ST#02239 and spoke with Belinda who tells me she is not the store manager or assistant store manager, but tells me no I can not return it. Now I told Belinda that I can return it and that she should not be telling me no I can not when it is clearly not her decision to make. Finally after waiting 20 min on hold I get Mrs. Mary Gamboa who tells me yes she can return the item, but to give her the TR#00164 to see, if she will get credit for it. She calls me back 7 min later telling me no she will not return it because she will not get credit for it.

Now you tell me where you see the customer service? Where I the customer is right? Or are all customers wrong unless authorized by the store managers discretion? You tell me where people who show up to Walmart and return items everyday without a receipt, but yet have their items returned or exchanged! There is a specific message here and it is very clear.

"Walmart does not care about your satisfaction of a purchase and only people with no receipts take precedence over those with receipts."

The fact of the matter is that it is less than 90 days and even though the store manger can give me a return she did not. She does not care about her customers unless they do not have a receipt. She cares only about making sales and she is not only comfortable in letting customers purchase items that they are not satisfied with and this is the person in charge of your store. Could this be the reason that this is a leading store in poor customers service?

Lastly, there was a white female who came to return an item for her father. A Hitachi drill set. She had no receipt. She did not have the box. She did not have a UPC. She was given an exchange and she paid the difference of $10 today 11/20/2015 at customer service between 10 am and 12 pm. So you tell me how that sounds? Well according to my Sociology degree that is discrimination. I will not just roll over. I served my country and it also appears that Walmart discriminates not only against race, but also veterans.

Product or Service Mentioned: Asus Laptop.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $249.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Incompetence.

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Dude! It's a computer.


Put your race card away for the love of mud! If the policy is 15 days on computers then that is what is!

The problem isn't customer service, its people who constantly think they are entitled and above all rules that everyone else has to follow just because they don't like to hear the word no. This is exactly WHY policies keep getting more strict.


Well said...some people just like to make a scene and have things done their's plainly printed on the receipt that there is a 15 days timeframe for electronics to be returned...if you didn't see it there...that's on you...don't blame Walmart employees for your shortcomings smh


Here Here!! So very sick and tired of the race card.

Your not any better then the rest of us. Yell, scream, disturb the peace I don't care. Your sense entitlement for special treatment is overwhelming. I have experienced the exact same thing for a laptop and guess what?

I couldn't return mine either and I'm a white police officer. Follow and obey society's rules just like the rest of us.