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Why do yall have a lay-a-way?? When yall made it totally REDICILOUS ???

My daughter went in to put LAY-A-WAY for her 18 month daughter and was HUMILIATED. Forget are bussiness. WE are going out of town to K-Mart or Target!!! We spend a lot of money in there!!!!

At WAL-MART, well guess what no more!!!!!!! There are a lot of customer's that need LAY- A- WAY for everything!!!!

not just for high priced stuff. I would be ashamed to even call it a LAY-A-WAY.This is very very very very disgusting

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WalMart has layaway for Christmas only, and the purpose is to put things away for Christmas needs. I'm sure things for an 18 month old couldn't have been so expensive she couldn't have bought them outright.

Even better yet buy a few things one week and a few the next week. Also start shopping earlier for seasonal needs.

All the news items on TV and in the newspapers about the WalMart layaway program outright says what can be put on layaway. You won't find near as good prices at KMart or Target, and good luck putting things on layaway at Target.

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