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walmart has been advertising its lay away program for christmas.it says all toys over a certain amount. well when i went to put things on lay away none of the toys that i got applied. when i asked the guy why he said because it was from the baby section.

i think its unfair that just because its from the baby section it doesnt qualify for lay away. it was a toy and it was above the certain price amount. it is very expensive having a baby and especially when you try to by the correct educational toys.

the lay away program at babies r us is alot better, and better staff. i couldnt find anyone at walmart to help and when we tried getting for information about the lay away the walmart associate was clue less

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Common sense would tell you not to have a baby that you can't afford. But that logic is probably too much for you too understand.

Its their policy so what makes you so important that they should make an exception for you. Get over it and quit crying like a big baby.

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