Our local walmart had an access layaway for Sept. 14 & 15.

To participate in this early layaway you had to print a ticket from on line. This was fine, but when I went to layaway some toys, I was told I couldn't put anything that was priced less than $15.00 away. This is why I don't shop walmart. They don't tell you all this before you go.

Most of what I had was $15.00, but I also had 3 hotwheel cars. I won't waste my time going for any more of their promotions .

I was very disappointed, as I was getting toys for my Grandson who lives in Okinawa, Japan. His father is a proud US Marine.

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I agree 100% with you WALMART is out for every penny. It seems to make a lot of sense to me to allow what ever she wants to put on LAYAWAY even give her a discount for paying off early.

I believe these are SALES that WALMART will not get otherwise make it as easy possible for the people to buy and LETS FACE IT AFTER christmas it will be marked DOWN.

What everyone should do is tell your kids we are celebrating CHRISTMAS late this year and wait for all the SALES!! That would SCREW WITH walmart MARKetING TEAM!!


I spend at least $100/wk at Walmart. I have never used any layaway before.

I just got back from TRYING to layaway there. Signs up everywhere offering free layaway. I spent two hours shopping for Xmas.

I get to the layaway section and the first thing I'm told is that clothes aren't allowed. The second thing I'm told is that there is STILL a $5 fee.

I'm still unloading my cart when she drops the bomb. EACH item must total $15. I told her nevermind, then took pictures of every item so that I can order it on Amazon or possibly lay it away at Kmart. I won't shop at Walmart again.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States #550251

Walmart invented layaway. It is ridiculous that they stopped it period. Ever since Sam died WM has been taken over by evil.

Douglassville, Pennsylvania, United States #549675

you're a f**king ***, I hope this story is a joke. what's next?

you're gonna put a candy bar on layaway?

layaway is made for people that want to pay off a high priced item like a TV, video game console, furniture, etc. not a car that can be bought from the dollar store.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #549225

You should feel lucky that yours is only $15 dollars! In most stores its fifty.

If you are not able to purchase an item like individual hot wheels cars now, what makes walmart think that you will be able to make the complete payment by December?

They have a right to set the price point to whatever they want, and you ill still shop there. Stop complaining, its a service they choose to offer, they don't have to offer it to you.

Windber, Pennsylvania, United States #542255

Really? Putting a 97cent Hotwheel on layaway?

It's not Wal-Mart's fault you can't read. Next time try putting Hooked on Phonics on layaway as a gift to yourself and humanity.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #542210

It has been advertised for several days what can and can't be put on lay away, it is the same policy they had last year for the holidays. It has also been mentioned on the news and in the local newspapers.

I'm surprised they would let people put anything as inexpensive as $15.00 on lay away.

How can they tell you before you get there, what the rules are? Did you read all of the fine print on the ticket you printed out?

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