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Layaway is a joke. Went to put two toys that were 50.00 each on layaway, no problem.

I had children books, movies, lego, ect that were under $15.00 totally 100.00 they would not except these items. One movie was 14.99! This information should have been posted at the register or toy section. What a waste of time.

Never had this problem in the past. Before going to the layaway counter check your items or ask what the store policy is concerning layaway. Will continue my journey to Kmart or toys r us. I like layaway so I can shop early.

I don't have to worry about the kids seeing what santa is bring! :)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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the policy is posted, why not get a parent to read it for you?


Ever since WalMart has started doing the Christmas lay-away, it has been that only certain items and certain prices can be put on lay-away. Start shopping earlier in the year and you wouldn't have such a hassle.

I have had my shopping done for about 3-4 months. I pick stuff up all year. My kids and grandkids don't need the newest items that come out as Christmas approaches.

WalMart didn't have these rules back when a person could put things on lay-away all year, but now they do. Read advertisements for the lay-away program more carefully.


She is six years old and cannot read. Mommy or daddy should have read it for her.


I putted some frozen food on layaway, when I came back it was ruint.