I was at the Free port Walmart tried to place a layaway and the clerk said nothing under 15.00 can be placed on layaway, but on Nov 2 I was at the Pgh Mills Walmart and placed a layaway had items under 15.00 and had no problems, WHY is there a different all there walmart are the same RIGHT? Unexceptionable, very upset with and how I was treated at the Freeport Walmart.. You just lost a customer

You dont want me to say anything more because what I really want to say you dont want to hear it.

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that's sad that you cannot even afford an item under $15.00

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #567620

All WalMarts are supposed to follow the same policy. The clerk in the other store either didn't know the rules or you aren't telling the complete story. It has been well advertised that there was a $15.00 minimum on items put on lay-away, and if you got by with it before, consider yourself caught this time, not following the rules.





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