San Marcos, Texas

Went to Seguin, Tx Wal-Mart to pick up my Site-to-Store item which I was sent an email telling me it was there ready to be picked up. First, no one in that dept, then a manager came out and asked what i needed.

Gave him my email confirmation for pick up. Went in the back and told me he couldn't find it so someone else would have to help me. Waited for that "someone else", then another Shift Mgr came out and looked it up in the computer, said it was there, went to look and came back saying she can't find it and i would have to come back tomorrow @ 8am. I work and drove 30 miles out of the way to pick this *** thing up!

Some people have REAL jobs! Anyway, i asked if she could call someone else and she said there was nothing she could do, "She can't majically make it appear". WTF!

Went home extremely unhappy, to say the least, called them this morning and the guy in that dept said it was in a rectangular box right there with my name on it. Asked him why they couldn't find it yesterday and he said he didn't know, it was right there the whole time and he found it in less than a minute.

Those *** apparently never even looked or don't know what the *** they are doing.

How can they manage a store/dept?? Wal-Marts customer service all around SUKS!!

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I love it when people show off their intelligence! (or lack of)


I get up at 4am every day on a retail job to deal with jagoffs like you every day.

"Real Job"?



How is he a bad person when the idiots who work there can't find the item that is there and he wastes his unpaid time and fuel trying to get his already paid for and already at location item. Typical.


What the *** is your problem? and just for a negative comment I work for walmart and we have no *** control over Items that come in through site-to-store and for the comment that some people have real jobs WE DO and its putting up with with customers like you *** holes, if you wanted it so freaking badly and didn't want to drive the 30 miles you should have had it delivered to your house!!


If any of you *** post anything negative on this letter i will tell you to go to ***.


"anything negative" ! ROFL!

If it was 30 miles, why didn't you opt for home delivery?

Yes, it was sad they could find your package...but did you think that maybe the fella you talked to on the phone didnt place it it the correct location for the other "night shift" employees to be able to find it?