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It’s the JOB of the cashiers at Walmart to bag groceries and then place the bags into a grocery cart for the customers. If you don’t want to do the job you’re being paid for then become a telemarketer or some other worthless drain on society. Let those who want to work have your job!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Retail employees continue to choose not to provide Customer Service with poor attitude or inappropriate actions. Walmart is one of the worst. Just another example of a retail employee choosing not to do there job and expecting a small paycheck.


Some nicer stores that Discerning shoppers go to have cashiers to check you out and someone there just to bag your groceries and take them out to your car for you. Of course, they charge more this, but it is worth paying a few dollars more not to have to go through the whole Wally World Experience.

If a senile person with Alzheimer's Disease or just someone who is half asleep bags something that they though they scanned, but actually didn't scan, they will be stopped as soon as they step outside the door where they will then be led into a back room to wait for the cops to arrive. Then, after the officer takes down all the information, the poor senile person with Alzheimer's disease will be led away in handcuffs, put in the back of a police car, and taken to jail and booked for theft. As luck would have it this would happen on a Friday, so they would have to spend the entire weekend in jail before being able to see a judge who would dismiss the case when the "shoplifter" was arraigned on Monday.

The poor person with Alzheimer's disease would have been too poor to bond of jail and would have been too cuckoo and confused to do so even if they had the resources. They would have been much better off going to the full-service grocery store and having a cashier check them out and a bagger bag their groceries and take them out to the car for them.


Little child, their job is just to bag the items. It is YOUR job to put them in the cart. If you cannot do this because you are too small ask an adult to help reach the items for you.


Sounds like a pretty lazy customer that can't put their bags in the cart. How are you going to get them in your car or into you house?

Do you expect someone to go home with you and put your groceries away as well? Perhaps you should be shopping on-line and having them delivered to your home but you'll still need to find someone to get them in your house for you.


Customers forget about that when they complain. But that Is a valid point.

So, OP, How are you going to get your groceries into your car and into your house? Let us know about that.


The OP is nine years old and does not drive. You can tell his or her age based on their attitude.


I work at one of their competitors as a cashier. I work at the express lane, which is set up the way Walmart manned checkouts are, as well as a regular checkout, which is not set up like the Walmart checkouts are.

The cashier bagging your groceries and putting them in your cart Is a Courtesy, Not a requirement. The same for the grocery store I work at. So, No it is not their Job to do that for Every customer. Since you want to complain about that, send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters stating what you included in your complaint.

Their contact information is found on the internet. Let us know what Corporate tells you.