Washington, District Of Columbia

I am sick and tired of going to Walmart and the cashiers are too busy flirting and socializing with the other Brothers and Sisters (colored folk). They don't greet you or look you in the eye when checking you out.

You have to turn the turnstile yourself to get your bags. They pretty much throw your receipt at you.

It takes longer to check out in the express line than the regular lines. They know they can get away with it because they are working and still getting full Welfare benefits because of the deal Walmart made with Welfare.

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The customer service in Walmart is horrible. But if the way you presented yourself on this site is any indication of how you present yourself in the store, I can see why you may get attitude or ignored.

My suggestion: Find yourself a "racially pure" Walmart to shop at or the more realistic option, do your shopping from home (groceries, house supplis, etc. can be bought for you by a more socially modern person).


They should probably kick you out of the building to be honest. You are a petty racist.


color is'nt the issue here,customer service is...and as for the way you were treated ,i see that attitude at wendy's,McDonald's department stores,gas stations..its more of the way young people are relating....some values we would like to see are not being expressed...I.E. a smile goes a long way towards bringing customers...


Black people spread their legs??? I see more of YOUR kind racist men and women having kids just to keep welfare!!??

I'm black with alot going for myself and no kids. I think you came on here to vent and rant about the *** you can't say to people on your community and where you work are BLACK.

I have worked at the dept of health and have seen a lot of people of different ethnic backgrounds come in pregnant and single parents. I wonder do you talk out your *** because what you say and speak of is a bunch of $h1t lady.


I'm white an just wondering when you will be taking your robe off, grow up your racist! It is ignorant people like you who cause problems.


Ok first of all I am not black but that even offends me quit being racist and get over yourself I bet your are what you just described atleast they are working whats your excuse?


Hey Lady I work for walmart I do not get Welfare not everybody that works there gets it think before your speak or do us all a favor just shut up completely.


so sorry to say that.. but...the back of the bus?..how old are you fools?

my Lord... :roll




IF A NURSE WHO SAYS SHE CAN LOOK AT SOMEONE AND TELL IF THEY ARE IN PAIN..OH AND THAT SHE IS SOOO MORE IMPORTANT THEN RETAIL WORKERS LOL. i am not one,but i can tell you that walmart treats the people that work for them like ***. just get the dvd. u both need some meds or something...and miss old better then everybody nurse..back of the bus comment??...ya,you must be just one ugly hag and thinks you are above people of color and what where they work at. GROSS.


What does the color of their skin have to do with customer service skills?


I bet one of them was the prissy employee who was waiting in line for her medication during her break. The nerve of her! She didn't stand at the back of the line (just like the back of a bus)!


Wow how stereo-typical So you assume because they are black they are on Welfare??? I'm a manager in retail and usually a customer talking like this is the problem along with the associate..

Next time you have a problem see a manager there picture is posted at every register or go to customer service and ask for the market managers number. That is a better way of handling it.