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I bought a 32" Emerson LCDTV from Walmart in March of 2008 and it is ***. My tv will not power on.

The power light doesn't even go off after you unplug the tv! I called Walmart and they will only honor the 90 day warranty. This sucks as I paid $600.00 total for this tv. I am glad I did not purchase the extended warranty.

I am real pissed and will never buy another electronic from Walmart ever.

I had to contact Emerson customer service directly and if they pick up the tv it takes 6-8 weeks so now I have to drive to St. Louis (which is an hour away) and drop off the tv at a repair shop and wait 2-3 weeks.

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Park Hills, Missouri, United States #28697

I would not buy any electronics from walmart. The inner workings are so cheaply made.

Your wasting your money at Walmart.

Support your local small town independent owner businesses. You might spend a little more but in the long while worth every penny

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #28394

Why do you think you get special rules??? 90 days is 90 days.

If you know that the TV is broke, then bring it back right away dont wait till the 90 days is over then bring it back.... Stop trying to rip Walmart off!

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