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I spent over an hour shopping and getting what I needed and when I went to check out, there's at least 20 customers lined up in only 4 check out lanes open, and all the customers had huge buggie loads, including Myself. I'm the type of shopper that totals my purchases as I go, and had a little over $250 of product in my cart, just as I do each month.

Then this young boy (approximately 17 or 18) came behind all the customers that were already waiting, and had a cashier to open another lane guiding all the customers behind us (that had been waiting 15 minutes or more) and put the new customers through the new opening in front of us. Needless to say, I was pissed off, pushed my buggie aside, went around to the young man in the front and let him know what I thought of that "management" move, along with telling him he could now have another associate to go to every department putting the product back on the shelf - probably taking 1 1/2 hours to re-stock (at $12.91 pr hour as advertised) totaling almost $20.00 PLUS losing a customer for a lifetime since this happens in every Walmart I've shopped at since Sam Walton passed away!!!!! Sam always great customer service and was in most of his stores ALL the time all over the country making sure his employees and customers were happy. That NEVER happens anymore.

It's all about the mighty buck all the CEO's are getting paid, so I will no longer give business to any Walmart as long as I live.

Totaled my receipts from Jan 2014 until today, June 14th, and were $1652.00! Now taking my business to some one I don't like, but can always get waited on quickly - our France competitor, TARGET!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Seriously though, what kind of clusterduck would it've been if they tried to pull people from the front of each line, through other people with loaded carts, to the new line? Poor "boy" was just trying to do his job and open up a new line. Would you rather he not have done that?


Target is actually from Minnesota. Just saying.


Target is totally French. That's why it's really pronounced Tar-ZHAY, right? LOL that was the best part.


I guarantee you will have the same problem at Target because these days they don't have that many lines open themselves. Good luck though!

First Born Triplet

Actually Target has faster checkouts, then again they are not as crowded as Walmart stores, wonder why, sell the same things at roughly the same price.


So a new line opened and you weren't fast enough so someone beat you to it. Maybe next time you should bring your own red carpet so Walmart will know you're more important than everyone else.


You feel so entitled don't you? They are doing their best to keep the lines going and you think you are so much better than everyone else that you should have been first?Get over yourself!


Yeah, they do feel entitled, I like how they refer to the cashier as a boy when they act like they are eight years old themselves. I wonder where this little boy/girls mommy was, surely it is illegal for them to allow someone this age(guessing from their behavior) to shop alone.


You do realize that your $1652 is chump change to Walmart dont you? The employee was just trying to help get the lines down.

You sound like one of those customers that thinks that because you spend a few dollars in their store that makes you special. As far as having one employee putting back your HUGE cart, it doesnt work that way sweetie. Carts are seperated by several employees and put into seperate bins per department at theservice desk along with all other returns. Floor associates come up from these departments several times a day and take care of the returns.

You must think that one person has to walk all over the store with your cart and figure out where everything goes.

Lol. I feel sorry for Target, you are now their problem.


Lol lol I agree with the reply I work for Walmart n one customer isn't hurting the company at all lol n yes items are binned by each department n that takes not even ten minutes to do if the person knows where each item goes.