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Went to customer service counter to see about returning one of four Blue Ray disks that were faulty ( not working @ all ). When I went up to customer sevice desk, I emidiatly asked to see a mannager. Mannager came, had attitude from the get go, said we do not return dvds, blue rays or any electronics and that I was more less stuck with these disks, she also told me that I could not even exchange them for others. I was so angry with the lack of help and the way I was treated that I left the disk there. I also forgot to mention that before the mannager arrived I had a small conversation with the nice young lady working in customer service who informed me that alot of people were coming in with the exact same problems and irronically the same disks to.

Two weeks later I decided to go into the Edmonton common Wal Mart, I went to thier customer service counter and I told the young lady about my situation and she said that they should have returned or @ the very least exchanged the disk/s without any hassels as they were familiar with the situation.

I for one along with my family will now boycott that WalMart always. I have never in retail felt so helpless to fix any problem and I can tell you that it is there loss, as almost all of mine and my families shopping was done @ that WalMart on a regular basis. I have had soo many problems in the past with that WalMart not honouring sales prices before that this was just the final straw. I will never give someone with that much ignorance the satisfaction of helping thier store and I know many others who feal the same.

I have and solumnly sware to always boycott the Leduc, Alberta, Canada walmart as long as I live.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #37118

I have a five year old sister and she knows how to spell "feel and "so". There is a nine year old on this site and I am sure he knows how to correctly spell "manager" "Immediately" and "a lot" and "hassles"

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