I went to the Wal-Mart store to have a marine battery tested and I would have bought a new one there if it was bad. there was two people being waited on and another one waiting so i waited.

one teller finished with his customer and took off. so that left one guy and he was taking his time.

I later saw the guy that took off and he was messing around with the stock people and the other guy was still takig forever. I finally left after a half hour after at least eight people that worked there walked by without even asking me if I needed heip

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Do you think that every Walmart Associate is trained and qualified to check a marine battery?

Maybe the associate that is supposed to ask people standing in line "do you need some help" was off that day....

Perhaps, IHate, is right, once again....

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #444604

Come on IHateStupidCustomers you know that this person is not allowed to talk to strangers without an adult with them. Seven year olds should not be talking to strangers. Even if he were allowed to talk to strangers he did not have mommy and daddy to prompt him to ask for help.


then why not just ask for help next time..?

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