another sign of the deteriorating heart of America. no anything beautiful or shinning, or glittering,

or sounds i love so much. what a pity. first, no more baby Jesus in Christmas anywhere for several

years, and now no Christmas music. It's just so sad. such a wonderful holiday, and it's become

nothing. only in America. they celebrate in other countries.

Wow! well, to Everyone, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

and i'm Jewish. i loved Christmas time. it was so full of joy, and kindness and all that wonderful

music and hustling and bustling. i'm glad to be of the age i remember what it used to be like.

it's sad the children won't know it.

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Oh the struggle. I know.

*** pieces of **** foreigners coming over and changing the norms. I'd love to ship them all back to where they belong.


Well blame all the idiots here who come to this country to be able to freely celebrate their own religion, to have a better life style. They come here as guests and tell us they are offended when we play Christmas because it goes against their religion. Well you come to a country where Christmas is widely celebrated, you have several choices, don't go shopping in December, go back to your own country where you can be killed for practicing your religion or bare with it and let us celebrate our holidays.


Don't know what you're talking about. I just left walmart and Christmas music was playing over the loud speaker, they had nativity scenes for sale, and my cashier wished me a merry Christmas when I paid.

Several associates were wearing Christmas accessories such as pins and jewelry as well. Maybe it's just where you live...

to Anonymous #919649

It is not just where she lives, apparently many stores are being forced to not promote Christmas because it offends the non believers.


How old are you, maybe about five years of age? You really should grow up.

From you poor capitalization skills it appears you aren't very mature. Myself I wish stores and malls and every other place that thinks people want to hear music while shopping, doing whatever business, even while on hold on the phone. Why should there be a baby Jesus in any Christmas celebration when he was actually born in the fall and nowhere near December? In December it would have been too cold for the shepherds to have their flocks in the fields.

Actually a lot of the things used to celebrate Christmas and decorate for the holiday started out as Pagan customs.

IF you really are Jewish you wouldn't be so concerned about this. A lot of people now are too busy just trying to make a living to want to hustle and bustle, but being you like that, just go right ahead and do your own hustle and bustle.

to anonymous #920407

I'm in agreement. As an Ex-Jew and now atheist, I didn't give a *** about the baby Jeebus then nor do I care about it now.

I call BS on a jew wanting Jesus. Our main issue is the government itself favoring one religion over another when it's supposed to be completely neutral on religion.

We don't care about Wal-Mart. Heck, look at the Faux News HQ in your area and they'll keep chirping about a war on Christmas while at the same time the outside of the building looks like Santa's *** exploded.

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