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I am writing this review concerning the cheap, crap quality of the bicycles that wal-mart sells. I had one bicycle from wal-mart that while you would be riding real fast on it, all of a sudden the handle grips would come off in your hand and your hand would be mid-air holding the grip.

Very dangerous. They shouldn't slip off like that. And another wal-mart bicycle of mine had the handlebars completely turn upside down, leaving me to fall real hard on the pavement. I could have been killed.

I never had anything like that happen to me with bicycles that I had bought from the bicycle stores. I was at the bicycle store once getting a flat tire fixed and they were all talking about how they have people going in there all the time with bicycles that they bought from wal-mart and they were saying how they were all very cheaply made with crap quality materials. The owner joked "A Wal-Mart Bicycle Will Explode On You" Wal-Mart bicycles are very dangerous. You shouldn't have handle-bar grips coming off in your hand mid air or have the handlebars collapsing making you fall to the pavement.

You get what you pay for when you buy one of those cheap bicycles from Wal-Mart. They are so cheap because they are made of the lowest quality materials possible. They get flat tires alot too.Also, The Wal-Mart Bicycle with the handlebar grips coming off in mid air had the pole for the seat break after riding only a few miles and I had to replace it with a seat from a junk bicycle. I would advise anyone, especially parents against buying any bicycle from Wal-Mart because you get become seriously injured.

You are much better off going to a bicycle store and paying five times as much money for a good, quality made bicycle. A $89 Bicycle isn't a good deal if it only lasts you a couple of months. What a Rip-Off! The one with the handlebars that came off was $129.

A complete rip off. With all of the problems I had with them they were very much overpriced and not worth the time wasting on. If I can talk just one person out there into not buying a cheap crap-quality bicycle from Wal-Mart, and thus preventing them from becoming injured, then I will be satisfied. even though there is no hope for getting any money back for the crap wal-mart bicycle that I now have.

Hey, it hurt real bad when my handlebars flipped over causing me to hit the cement. So,"Let The Wal-Mart Bicycle Buyer Beware!

You May think That You Are Getting a Good Deal Buying A Cheap Bicycle From Wal-Mart, But You're Not! You Are Much Better Off Buying A Quality Made Bicycle From A Bicycle Store"

Reason of review: wal-mart bicycles are dangerous.

Monetary Loss: $240.

Preferred solution: wal-mart should buy me new bike from bicycle store.

Walmart Pros: High quality bicycles from bicycle stores.

Walmart Cons: Dangerous wal-mart bicycles, Cheap, Crap quality of wal mart bicycles.

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I looked up a wal-mart bicycle online, and I read the reviews that people who had bought it said and one of them said that their Huffy Nel Lusso bicycle that they bought had such cheaply made pedals that they melted when they had a heat wave.


My handle bars melted in the sun now they’re a sticky mess!


What is the point of that?


Both Crap Bicycles From Wal-Mart Were Given to Me As Gifts, By Well Meaning People Who Didn't Realize That They Were Giving Me Crap. I Still Think That Wal-Mart Should Buy Me A Bicycle from The Bicycle Store.


You said it get what you pay for. Why do you keep buying them if you feel they are so dangerous? You only have your self to blame for choosing the low quality bike over a bike shop bike.


Actually, both bikes were a gift to me. The first bike was given to me.

I wasn't able to ride it for nearly two years beacuse the pole broke on it after riding just a few miles, and I couldn't get the seat to pull off. Finally, after the old bicycle from the bicycle store that I had been riding for 5 years finally wasn't usable anymore, I attempted to get the seat off of the firts bike and was successfull after much rigamaro, and put another little seat from another junk bicycle. After only a few months of riding it, with many problems with flat tires and the handle grips coming off while still attached to my hands midair, somebody ripped the bicycle off from me. Somebody heard about it and felt sorry for me, and bought me the bicycle from wal-mart that I now have, the $89 one.

The one where the handlebars flipped upside down and I crashed real hard on the pavement. It got a flat tire one day on the front, and I changed it and then the next dayit had a flat tire on the back. I didn't have an extra tube or a way to get one so I started riding another bicycle that someone had given me that is a nice expensive model from a bicycle store. I was hesitant to ride it at first because of the way the handlebars were, but once I did, I found that it is very easy and fun to ride.

The handlebar grips haven't come off, nor have the handebars turned upside down. I looked iit up on the internet and saw that the orginal price of it was quite high; you could buy several crap wal-mart bikes for the same price. Oh, and by the way, the first bicycle that got ripped off, the one with the handlebar grips coming off, was given to me because somebody saw me walking because my good old bicycle store bike had a flat tire and I couldn't ride it. So one day some church looking man and three real stinky homeless looking guys show up in a pickup truck and present me with the wal-mart bike the bought me, right after I had went through all of the rigamaro to fix my good old biicycle store bike.

They asked me if I still wanted it, or if I wanted them to take it back, and I told them that I did still want it because even though I liked my old bicycle store bike, I could always use another one to ride when I got a flat. But after the seat pole broke, and I couldn't fix it, it just sat up in my home for nearly two years, until my good old bicycle store bike finally gave out for good. But I am really enjoying the current bicycle that I have been riding everyday that was given to me by someone who never got around to riding it, and wanted to get rid of clutter, so they gave it to me because they knew that I always rode I bicycle all the time. I very much enjoy the current bicycle store bicycle that was given to me.

Not all kinds of weird problems like the wal-mart bikes. So, in response to your comment, I didn't buy either one of those wal-mart bikes.

I'm not that dense. They were given to me by well meaning people, who didn't realize that they were giving me crap.