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For starters, my wife is a quadrplegic, who just turned (50) a week ago. Due to her handicap, she is seldom able to venture TOO far from home, in her power wheelchair.

Today, my son agreed to travel with her, via the local bus, to the Grand Haven WalMart store (about 12 miles round trip) so she could get a start on her Christmas shopping. Upon completing her shopping and going through checkout, she requested a pack of cigarettes from the cashier. Now I can understand its the stores policy to card EVERYONE they sell cigarettes to, but when the individual is OBVIOUSLY of legal age (50), not to mention the fact that she is incapable of using her hands TOO provide I.D.(did I mention she was a quadraplegic), one would think that rather than drawing unnecessary attention to the situation and absolutely embarassing my wife to death (as the cashier did) she would simply have (1) made an exception to the policy and sold her the cigarettes, or (2) called someone of authority over TOO make the authorization. Had (I) been there with her, I would have IMMEDIATELY returned all the items (I had just purchased from your store) onto the conveyor belt, and insisted on a refund!

If you can't treat your paying customers with anymore dignity and respect than THAT, I'll take my business back to Fred Meijers!!!! As a result, my wife was forced to cross a busy divided highway (US31) and purchase her cigarettes from the Admiral cigarette store WHO, incidently, had enough common sense to be able to identify a person who had exceded the age of 50!!!! As for why my 29yo SON (who was with her and DID have I.D.) did not purchase the cigarettes for her? He tryed, but the cashier then refused to sell them to HIM, because she knew he was buying them for my wife!?!?

When you give a person (the cashier) the authority to make THOSE type of decisions and assumptions, your just asking for trouble!!! It is NOT illegal to sell cigarettes to a 50yo without I.D.! Whats illegal is selling cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18! "Common sense" should be a prerequisite in your hiring practices!

All that cashier did today, was to make all those other people who were waiting in line BEHIND my wife, lose an awful lot of respect for Sam Wahl and his precious store!

Great job! Once the local newspapers get ahold of this story, I suspect sales at Meijers will skyrocket!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Sorry... your wife - not mother. I misread the relation.


So basically, you demand the store make an exception to their policy on the basis that your mother has a disability. What next?

Make an exception to carding somebody for alcohol because they're black? Policy is policy.

Deal with it. Such is life.


Does your wife act the way you do? If so maybe she was asked for ID because of her behavior which made them think she was a child.


You got it all wrong about if an adult purchases cigerettes they can give them to whoever they want. If you are so sure you are right try purchasing them in front of a police officer and handing them to a minor. Why could your son not buy them since they were not for her. I think you and your wife were acting like children.


Your son should have just gone to another line or have your wife wait in the store while he crossed the street.


The store's policy is to check the ID of anyone appearing to be under the age of 40. I'm sure what happened is the cashier assumed that your wife was younger than her true age and so assumed that she would need to check her ID.

The cashier blocking your son's attempt to purchase the cigarettes for your wife is exactly what she has been trained to do in the situation. Rather than taking a lazy approach to her job (selling the cigarettes without IDing your wife or selling them to your son for your wife) she was following store policy.

We (I'm a cashier) don't do this just to make a big fuss and get customers riled up. We are watched (ever notice the cameras directly above our registers?) and when we don't follow policy we get into trouble. Your family's need for cigarettes is likely not of as great importance to the cashier as their continued employment.

Many times I have stopped the purchase of cigarettes by a legitimate adult because they ask an accompanying younger person without ID what brand they want. We're simply not allowed to approve such a transaction and any cashier that does let it slide is one who is pushing for a termination of employment.

For the record, your wife was not "forced" to go elsewhere for the cigarettes. She CHOSE to go there.


Unwarranted complaint. Walmart did the right thing. Pick your battles, sir.


50 yr old quads should not be smoking, probably why shes a quad. if the 29 yr old was helping her why did it cause her to cross a busy highway.

did she have to roll across the street against the light?

and where were you? you should have been helping her not hiding at home embarrassed by her.


Wait, your wife is incapable of getting her ID out, but she's able to smoke cigarettes?

And, dickwad, she wanted to go across the street to buy cigarettes, no body forced her to.

Your wife just sounds like a lazy ***.


Yes, but think about how many stores get shut down because minors somehow get a hold of their goods. Katk said it all.

A lot of stores require the ID. When the cashier rings the cigarettes up it'll ask them to key in the persons birth date into the cash register or they can NOT proceed. Not everyone can tell a persons age just by looking at them, the cashier is not a psychic. Every store has a policy that they have to follow and if they do not follow them then they can lose their job.

I do not think that cashier was trying to embarrass your wife. She is not the first person that was asked for identification.


I thank the cashiers "concerns" about my wifes health, but the cigarettes were NOT for her! and I absolutely agree that a mngr (or assistant mngr) should have been paged!

Couldn't possibly have drawn anymore attention to the situation then the cashier had already succeeded in doing! The fact of the matter IS, she HAD no I.D. with her FOR my son to take out and show. HE did, and even showed it, and STILL they refused to sell him the cigarettes!

Who's the cashier to refuse to sell cigarettes to an adult (with I.D.) because of who they THINK they may be giving them to!? It's really none of their business WHAT he chooses to do with them, once they've been legally purchased!


does'nt your wife have enough health problems without adding smoking to the mix? Maybe the cashier was trying to do her a favor.


Many, many stores require id that they put the birthdate into the cash register to track ages of people buying smokes! In your wifes condition I am sure an exception could have been made, HOWEVER the sales associates are usually young girls who have been told NO exceptions if caught they will be fired.

It would have also called much attention to the situation IF the sales girl would have called a manager over to make this exception.You son could have just as easily taken your wifes id out for her and presented it to the cashier- simple and easy and problem free. I am also way over legal age, and yes, I do get asked for id when I go into certain retail stores to buy alcohol or smokes..I usually laugh and show my id while asking to see the cashiers id, you have to be 21 to sell these items, and many of the sales girls look to be 16!