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Let’s talk about our local Walmart for a moment. I went in Sunday morning, Jan 3rd around 8:30 for grocery shopping.

After approx 45 minutes, I make my way to the checkout with my $200 worth of groceries, only to be told by the cashier that they had no bags. She said she would be able to give me one recyclable bag, but I would need to buy a box of trash bags to bag my groceries in….REALLY??? Why should Walmarts poor inventory control be passed on to the consumer? The cashier from the next lane helped to bag my groceries (In my own trash bags PURCHASED from Walmart), and she also stated that this would be the policy in order to handle this from her manager on duty.

Once I arrived back home and unloaded all of my trash bagged groceries, I wrote the corporate Walmart office a letter to express my displeasure. Tonight I received a phone call from the manager of our local Kitty Hawk Walmart. He apologized for my experience, and I may have been appeased by this. He, however, blamed my cashier and said that this was not the way the situation should have been handled.

SERIOUSLY??? She was doing what she was told to do by her manager on duty!!! Here’s a thought: Why didn’t you put a sign on the door letting customers know that you didn’t have any bags????? Is this the way that you treat your local patrons???

I live here, work here, and shop here, 365 days a year.

We are your bread and butter right now in the off season. We may not have a lot of shopping choices here, BUT WE DO HAVE CHOICES!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The cashier said that is what they were told by their supervisor. That doesn't mean that was the truth.

Directions get changed down the line sometimes due to human error. It may have started as "we'll use trash bags or the customer can purchase reusable bags" and after several shifts and the word being passed along it ended up "well use trash bags but only if the customer purchases them".

Have you ever heard of the game telephone? Same concept.