Will never shop at this Walmart or any other again. The head of the pharmacy lied to our face.

My Dentist called in a prescription personally, gave us his name, and when we called in to check pick up time 8 hours later, the same man said that no one had called a prescription in for us. This man already knew who we were. Our Dentist office said that we had been singled out for some reason, but they are unsure why.

Do not put your trust in this Walmart. We will never go to any Walmart again, for anything.

We will be leaving reviews regarding our experience at this store on every website that we can find. No one should have to go through 4 days of pain because a Pharmacist on a God Trip wants to play games and lie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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i really doubt you are a tech troll you claim to work at so many places ladyscott.a smart troll would have at least changed their screen name and avatar when doing this which proves you are not smart you are cruel and mean to people who are in pain have you ever had to take care of someone dying of cancer i have it is not pretty me thinks you are a soliopath with no commpassion for anyone you need mental health help like yesterday


I am a pharmacy tech, and I can tell you I get at least 4 calls from angry patients every day claiming their doctor called in a script to our pharmacy. Cussing, screaming, insulting me...only to find either the script has not yet been called in as it had been added to the daily log (after 4pm scripting for some doctors) OR it had been called into ANOTHER pharmacy. So I get the yelling for the doctor's mistake.

OR we get the old, 'my doctor said it would be ready when I get here'. The doctor does not work there.

Ask yourself this before you accuse your pharmacy: WHY would the pharmacy LIE when they make MONEY by filling your scripts? We WANT your doctor to give us your scripts. IF we LIE, we make NO MONEY. WE are here to make MONEY. Got it? We can not fill a script we do not have.


Why don't you mention the location of the Walmart?


Sound like your the one telling a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :roll :roll :roll :roll :x :x :x