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I paid to have Wal-Mart balance and rotate my tires on my 2009 Hyundai Sonata in June of 2011. This service was normally done by the dealer who sold me the car, but we moved and cannot use this dealer anymore, too far to drive. None of the other Hyundai dealerships have this service included when selling Hyundai vehicles in the area we moved to. The technician accepting payment for the tire work up-sold me a "lifetime" tire balance and rotation plan. I have used this plan once, and the technician who took the service order and performed the work did not do what I asked him to do. He did not rotate the tires, he only balanced them, the balance that was done made that car shake on the drive home. This was a symptom that was not present when I took the car to the Wal-Mart tire center. I had to replace the right rear rim on my Sonata the day after I purchased the lifetime plan after hitting a deep pothole at 35 miles an hour. This new rim was still in its original position it was placed when I bought it when I checked the tires after driving home. I called the Wal-Mart to let them know that they had not done what was requested when I was there earlier. I was offered the opportunity to go back and they would take care of me, it was only a two hour wait. This would mean that if I returned to have the tires rotated, I would be spending at least three hours of my day at Wal-Mart waiting for my car to be properly completed.

Today I went to Wal-Mart to purchase new tires for my Sonata, the tread was wearing unevenly on the tire that was on the bent rim. I also had a leak in my front left tire that was not leaking prior to getting my tires balanced this past Wednesday. I selected tires that I wanted, the price was right and I agreed to purchase new tires. As they were tallying the total to let me know the full cost, they added on three fees that are not part of the tire buying process, a TPMS reset fee ($20), the "lifetime" tire balance and rotation plan($26), and a road hazard plan ($40). My Sonata tire pressure monitoring system resets it's self, the road hazard plan is horribly limited and the last plan I had was never honored. I wanted to decline the "lifetime" balance and rotation plan because I had just purchased on in June. I was then told by four people at the same time that the "Lifetime" plan is only good for the lifetime of the tires of the car. I responded by telling them I did not buy tires, I bought only the plan, from the fellow that was trying to sell me another plan for this tire purchase. I told him that he told me that this plan was good for the lifetime of the car ownership. He denied ever telling me the wrong information, even though he turned bright red, when I recognized him as the person who sold me the plan four months ago. The manager was called, he ended up concurring with the four people standing around the register. When I went to the store manager, she called "Eli", the tire and lube manager and asked him what the deal was concerning the lifetime tire plan. I could hear him tell her that he already explained it to me and that I was being difficult because I could not comprehend the limitations of the plan. Tyhe manager told me that there was nothing that she could do and that the plan was void due to the tires being replaced. I thanked her for ther time and left. I have contacted Wal-Mart Corporate headquarters via e-mail and I am eagerly awaiting their response. As soon as I get it, I will update this complaint with the response and any action they may take on my behalf. I am assuming that I will get a general automated response, if I get a response at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Tire Rotation.

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If you were as upset as you claim to be concerning your first encounter with them why did you choose to buy tire from them? You could have gone to a real store like discount tires. Tire stores are very competitive in price and often have better and faster service as tires are all they do.


I just buy my tires and go somewhere else and get them mounted and balanced.


Wal Mart...siloam springs, arkansas ...Slower than frickin molasses. No matter what I get done at the auto center its a 2-3 hour wait.

I had one car in front of me getting an oil change. I was was next.

2 hour wait. everytime I go there..same same crap.