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My family and I have Covid and are not allowed to leave our home Ive placed many orders through Walmart for years, for some reason they decided to lock my account for returns. I have no done anything Im not supposed to when I have not received an item I call and report it for them to either re deliver my item or return my money.

Which I have no control on the driver if they deliver all my items or not. They bring it to my door and I put it away.

However my account got locked for not my fault and now that I am under quarantine and can not leave my home they have made this hard for me Ive spoken to many representatives and for hours and they keep telling me one thing and nothing is being done. I even pay for a member ship each month and they are going to charge me again willingly for the month but not let me use the service, this is horrible and ridiculous!!!

Preferred solution: I would like my monthly service returned, an apology because now with Covid I can’t leave my home and they will not provide a service and made this more stressful for me for something out of my control.

Location: 9400 East Hampden Avenue, Denver, CO 80231

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