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My family shop at walmart daily. Clothing, food, electrics & etc.

I was in the super center on Sunday, we waited 20 mins for a key to be made, There was a 65/70 year lady waiting on us, she didn't know if she was coming or going, (she needed help). Bless her heart, we was told by her, Lowes had the same keys.

I have a son that works at toyota, a daughter goes to Paul Mitchell, I do all there shop, I work for Home Health & I will be make some changes from this point on. 3 hours in a store is not good, when u wait in every line in thee store and it is NOT bizzzzz...

Walmart Cons: Service, Waited in every line, Long waits.

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I hate walmart in everyway possible. I hope these places burn down. Steal everything you can from walmart they deserve it.


What is your major complaint anyway? Why would anybody in their right mind go to the same store to shop every day?

I shop exclusively at WalMart and only shop once a week. There is something wrong if you have to shop every day and if you are saying that you shop for your kids, it is time to let them do their own shopping and get a life of your own.




Man, I hate when I really want to understand what I am reading and I have to guess what the *** the writer wants to say. I found your complaint pointless and next time you hit "post comment", I suggest you proof read.


Make up your mind did you wait 20 minutes or three hours for the key to be made.