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The store was not very busy today. I thought I could go in and out quickly.

Boy was I wrong. I had two wait nearly two minutes in line. There was someone in front of me. I demanded that I go first.

The cashier said that I had to wait my turn. I said, I don't have to wait my turn. My husband works at home office and that means that he is her manager's boss. I told her that I would take her name down and complain to my husband if she did not let me cut in line.

She was very rude and nasty and did not let me cut in line. I had to wait almost two minutes. Then I forgot where I parked. I asked all the employees to stop what they were doing and help me find my car.

They refused. I later remembered that I was so hungry and at my car. First I thought it was towed because I parked in front of a fire hydrant. My husband works at home office and I have every right to.

I told my husband about this and he said he would have the store shut down. I told him not to because I like how I can scare some of the employees to basically break the rules for me with fears of their jobs.(okay I admit I am unmarried and just made up the part about the husband to push my weight around.(I now weigh close to 500 pounds and live off food stamps). I used to get money from WIC, but ate my children so they won't give me money anymore, or maybe I sold them I cannot remember as I as high at the time. The bottom line is I am special.

I am better than everyone else because my made up husband works at home office. Why should I have to wait in line.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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This CAN'T be real. Take out the ate the car and sold the chldren part and it STILL can't be real.

And if it IS real (minus the eating parts, obviously) I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S *** WHAT YOUR HUSBAND DOES!

If I were there, I would have punched your ovaries so you couldn't have children that would be fat b*****s too! EITHER STOP POSTING FAKE *** OR HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE!


"sorry but I don't even live in Boyertown which shows how faulty the location system is on here. and I haven't been posting as your name unless IHateStupidCustomers is your name. which it can't be because then you would hate yourself."

Exactly, and FirstBornTriplet lives in Alberta and it shows up for him Quebec, Toronto so that location does not count Mrslea as I said before your evidence is all circumstantial evidence and would not be used in court.

Even Trevor's user location is not always the same despite using the same computer, sometimes it says Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Ajex, Toronto. SO perhaps the same problem is for you?


sorry but I don't even live in Boyertown which shows how faulty the location system is on here. and I haven't been posting as your name unless IHateStupidCustomers is your name. which it can't be because then you would hate yourself.


Boyerstown, PA is another location used by one of the people that keeps copying my username and impersonating me. Stop it, IHateStupidCustomers.


MrsLea, you really have multiple personalities. I mean you like to post something insane and then claim it's not you. you're sick.


Also I did not eat my car, I do not have a car, my husband cannot afford one being a janitor at home office. They gave him a pay cut.


Look I said this was not me. The only part that was true was the fact that I ate my children, you all know that since my husband posted but the other parts are not true.

I would not have demanded I go first, I would just have thrown the other ladies items on the floor and pushed her out of the way and had my husband ban her from Walmart and the cashier fired. This made up lady was too kind to be me.


It is obviously you who have reading comprehension because we stated multiple times we realized you said you are not from all these places, and that your said that your husband is not a janitor but we don't believe you. What part of we don't *** believe you is hard to comprehend?


!Omg ! Obviously your the dumbest *** ever.

Have you not been reading! You dont have to be at your computer to post anything so honestly just because u say its not you doesnt make it true. Learn to read! Then you can have an opinion on how other people comprehend things.

Dumb undermedicated ***. Put down the donut and go back to phonics


Wow how predictable! Dumb still the biggest joke of the day!


Obviously you have trouble with reading comprehension. I am not in Toronto, Canada.


Wait shes gonna say its not her again and then go around with spell checker to check everything on here and complain that no one can