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I will never shop at the Ottawa Wal-Mart store because it is not uncommon to have 5 and 6 deep and wait sometimes 10min to checkout. I run into many who will not never shop at Wal-Mart again.

Making people wait to checkout is the quickest way to star losing many customers.

Maybe you need to go over to Hy Vee in Lasalle they will open a checkout whenever they see 2 people waiting in line. I have run into other stores where they have a couple people waiting g an someone will comment it reminds them of Wal Mart and they say they quit shopping there.

Kevin Carrino

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Long lines may be normal depending on the time of day. Early evening people are getting off work and doing some quick shopping on their way home.

Saturday afternoon is the worst.

Many stores do have a policy that if they see more than 2 shoppers in a line, they will open a new register.

You don;t mention the time of day, or, how many registers were open! If it was only 2 or 3, then yes. Here in Minneapolis, on a busy part of the day, it is NOT uncommon to see all or many of the registers in use with long lines.

If there are only a few lines, speak to the manager next time your in the store BEFORE you shop, about those experiences - but in a respectful way. I've done this several times, and it does make a difference.

Remember, these people deal with irate customers every day. And unfortunately, they themselves can start to treat customers in a negative way.


You live in Calfornia huh. Easy way to reduce the line ups. Just yell immigration and most of the hispanic citizens will run out of the store.


If you shop at Wal_Mart you have already wasted your entire life, so what's the big deal about 10 more minutes waiting in line for your beef jerky and XXXL pocket t-shirts? :p


Get off the internet and go back to english class.


I agree, with the impatiences of this person as well as the terrible spelling and grammar this person is a child, possibly still in grade 3. A ten minute wait in line is common in stores like Walmart, Kmart and Target.

The parents of this child should entertain him if he is getting restless and bored. They should allow him to play a game on their cell phone, talk to the child about what they learned at school today, ect to make the time go faster. Or they should go to the other store this child mentioned.

You cannot blame a eight year old though, they are too young to know that each store is different and they hire staff and give hours based on profit. This person cannot even write a gramatically correct review so how are they to understand adult concepts such as budgeting based on profit.


It is English, class not "english class" Just saying, use a capital. Something taught in English class.

The other anonymous person you are wrong. There are faster line ups in Target and Kmart, but the store is less busy.

They have the same amount of cashiers. I wonder why, all three stores have the same products at roughly the same price?