Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I am so sick of the long lines at Wal-Mart and complete lack of customer service. Sam Walton would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what had become of his company. He was a truly good man with a vision of how to treat not only the customers but the employees as well.

There used to be a 3 customer limit rule with Wal-Mart. More than 3 custmers in any one line and it was mandantory that they open more lines. When you complain about 9+ customers in the 3 or 4 lines that are actually open they say they don't have enough cashiers!!!! Then HIRE MORE! Are you telling me that Wal-Mart, the largest retail chain in the WORLD can't afford to hire enough people to check the customers???? I am so sick of having to give them back my ice cream because it has melted by the time I FINALLY get to the cashier.

I have gotten to where I just go to electronics, automotive, or the garden center to check out. It's faster.

If it were just the long lines I think I could deal with it but the employees just don't give a *** about the customers. They are rude and dismissive.

I can't really blame them though, from what I understand Wal-Mart Corporation treats them even worse than the customers.

I truly wish there were another option. Target has tried but they are just too expensive for people on a budget.

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what's so bad about waiting in line? there are line ups wherever you go, not just wal-mart. this is a silly complaint


I think the service varies from place to place. When I was living in CA the service was hit and miss - but now I am in Utah - the service is absolutely *GREAT* - no complaints.

People are friendly and very approachable. Is it the Mormon influence?

Can't say but its a changed world for me. And for the better....


Funny you should mention this. We left a half cartfull of groceries at one of our local Walmarts this morning because there was only one manned lane open.

I tried to use one of their self-scan machines, but had a problem on the very first item and there was no one around to help!! We said to heck with this noise and went to Meijers.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to justify shopping at Walmart nowdays. We like Meijer more and more.


You want more cashiers? More help costs higher prices for merchandise.

You cant have both worlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sigh :sigh