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I was in your express check out. The one with 12 items or less.

In front of me was a woman about 50 who was trying to buy 12 items. Yeah they were 12 items and they were expensive items. When the total came up she tried paying in pennies. She had two whole jars of pennies and explained to the cashier that whenever she and her husband made love they put a penny in a jar.

Now she wanted to cash them out. Unfortunately she did not have enough. She called her own mother who happened to be in the store to make up for the difference. After waiting for half an hour for them to count the pennies I thought great finally she will be done and over with.

I was shocked to see that her mother also was planning on paying with pennies. She had two shopping carts each carrying two Calligan water dispensers filled with pennies. She was about to tell the whole everytime my husband and I made love story when the cashier cut her off since she heard this story before. It took them two hours to count the pennies.

Still it was not enough. Then the second woman with the Calligan jars full of pennies called her own mother to make up for the difference. She came with a three fork lifts. She was about to tell her story when the cashier said I know, heard it before.

Luckily the previous two women only owed 1 cent. Counting all these pennies took six hours. They were one cent short so I gave them a penny. I would not have been pissed if my items were non perishable.

But my items were perishable. After waiting in line for eight and a half hours for them to count pennies my ice cream not only melted but was coming out of the carton. My hot chicken meal was cold and I missed the Blue Jays game against the Rangers when they won the MLD division series. (Does not matter anyway because I planned on having the chicken and eating the ice cream during the game.

My family asked me what took me so long I told them the story.

Rather than waiting for me they just ordered a pizza and ate it during the seventh inning stretch. They called me but my phone needed to be recharged after waiting all this time.(almost nine hours.)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Ontario, Canada

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Haha lmao


If this really happened you probably live in Florida, or Texas, that is the only place something like this can happen.


So your complaint is that Walmart lets the wrong types in the door? Well that's going to ruin their business model.


Yeah Zack sent me a message that he was needs approval before posting on this site. I see the same thing happened to you.

Triplet may remember upsetatdennys. He wrote a complaint about Denny's and was impersonated by KevinRichards. At first they claimed Kevin Richards has the right to call people retarded with the freedom of speech thing. That he has a right to make racial slurs, hom0phobic slurs.

I have a feeling that part of the reason these things are allowed is because the administrators of this site are hom0pobic themselves. They consider calling someone gai(y) an insult so they filter the word ga(y). They consider the word hom0sexual an insult so they filter the word hom0sexual. Denny was told that Kevin Richards was protected by freedom of speech.

Another poster on this site got the same message as you because he kept exposing Kevin for his multiple accounts. Every time someone tells everyone that Kevin Richards is posing as the OP their posts are deleted. Anyways instead of blabbering. Let me tell you what happened to Denny's.

Denny's was impersonated by Kevin. He made a complaint about Denny's. Kevin pretended to be him and claimed he beat his daughter because he was upset at Denny's. Upset at Denny's complained about this and was told that Kevin was using freedom of speech.

THen when he pointed out that this was impersonation not freedom of speech they deleted the posts and denied that the impersonating posts existed. When he told them he had screenshots they told him he was banned for breaking the rules, simply for standing up to this site and how is is poorly ran. The thing is James from Idaho is correct and people on this site are not breaking any laws. They have a right to ban for any silly reason.

Now if you paid money to use this site and they banned you for no reason you can take them to court and get your money back.

Kevin Richards accused me of being a *** because I contacted Fine Young Aiden who is 11. I am a teen myself, but I don't find that offensive since he basically accuses everyone of the same thing when they tell him off yet his posts are not deleted




I was wanting to get home to watch Hondo and got behind some old ladies paying with pennies today. Told them *** when another lane opened up but the computers went out the minute I got there.

Couldn't even leave the store, I picked up the whole register and threw it at the door but it ricocheted back at me and knocked me right out.

All I was in there for was to buy some batteries but now I have a concussion and missed Hondo on top of that. Movie won't return until 2030.

@Acy Xum

Oh I forgot that happened right after those three women started paying.


But did you get to watch Hondo????

@Shanae Tjk

No, it was Shane. Remember, Shane Shane come back.....


Lol, what is it with these "Married With Children" style reviews recently? There was another one about a shoe salesman who was rude to a fat women.

Same concept, same show. But yeah this is not a legitimate complaint as someone said, but even some of the real ones are not. Like I was only one day more than the three month policy, or I lost my receipt and I was forced to get store credit.

Some or the real complaints are just as bad as this one because the people complaining don't feel the policy applies to them. The worst is some play the race card when they are expected to follow the same rules as everyone else.


Do you have a legitimate complaint or do you just want to post a joke, which is not a complaint?


Whose to say it never happened? Do you have proof?

A similar case like this happened in Florida. But then again things like that always happen in Florida.


This never happened, the user lives in Canada, and they stopped using pennies in Canada since 2013 or something. So it never happened anonymous from California.


This whole site is a joke, who cares if the complaint is legitimate or not. I am more concerned about that *** unfair hiring practices who is harassing everyone. She calls everyone retards and misspelled her own username.


Not even close to being funny... give it up, you have no career as a humor writer...


That is because you have no sense of humor. I find this review and walmartguy's reviews funny.

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