Portland, Oregon
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There are the most ediotic people in Long veiw/kelso Washington!!!!!! every time I have a car serviced or have a tire fixed or should i say not fixed,there is always a problem.

it does not matter where you go or what you need to have done,dealership or other wise, old car or brand new no luck!!! I always end up paying for it, here is an example, 4 hours at wal-mart to mount a tire, and it never happend they did not bother to tell me the balanceing machine was not working prperly on the car before me, left me sitting there instead of explaining to me hours before!!!

had a water pump put on my van at another place was told it was a 2 hour job, three days later i got my van back, took my brand new fj cruiser to the dealership to have a flat fixed and they told me nothing was wrong with the tire!!! and put it back on the oppisite side of the car with out me knowing and it was flat in the morning!!

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uhmmm...thats not how you spell idiotic.